Thursday, August 30, 2007

6 month check up

Hmmm....I guess this stuff is okay. I'll eat it.
Sick! What was that?
Alright, what else you got?

These are for you Nana. You asked for some more of Melia eating. These were taken last week sometime. I just got back from Melia's 6 month check up and shots. I was so happy that she didn't cry except after the last of the 3 shots. The first 2 she just stared at the nurse and talked. Then it hit her that she was being pricked by a needle and it didn't feel good after all. After a few seconds she was okay. Melia is 27 inches now which puts her in the 90th percent for length but she only gained a little. She is 14 pounds now from 13.5 2 months ago. SO we go back in a month to weigh in and see what's up. I think if she would sit still maybe the food wouldn't burn off so fast but I don't see that happening since she has started crawling. She can crawl a few inches before she either stops or goes down. So needless to say she gets very frustrated that she can't get to where she wants be but she does a good job of rolling or scooting. Well there's your update on Peanut!! Perfect name b/c she is still a little peanut!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

More house pics

Okay so I decided to post more pics anyway...the house is in great condition but we will want to paint and take down the wallpaper in the kitchen and I know Dan has many projects he will want to do. But we love it and are so excited!

The House!

Here are some pics of the house finally! Our internet has been out so I havent been able to post anything for a few. We should be closing on the 7th of Sept and we are so excited! We will actually be able to talk when Melia is asleep! The walls in our place now are so paper thin and it is small so we have to be so quiet when she is sleeping. For those who have been here sorry for all the Shhh! The house is great. It is about 20 years old with a bunch of mature oaks around it. There are many windows throughout the house which I love b/c to have natural light coming in. I have even more pics of the other rooms like the breakfast area off the kitchen but I will post those tomorrow. I am tired!! Enjoy the pics!!

Friday, August 24, 2007

6 months!!

Well I can't believe my little girl is 6 months old today! She loves to roll around as her means of getting somewhere and now when I go in to her room I find her scooting around on her belly or hands and knees! I just went in b/c she was crying during her nap to find her in the corner of her crib trying to pull herself up! What are you doing crazy girl?? She has almost got the crawling down, too. Well I have to go...she is awake!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Going for a ride

Melia is always watching Dan get on his bike or work on it so she decided she wanted to see what the big deal was so she gave it an inspection. I guess Dan wanted to feel what it was like to be pregnant so he stuffed her in his jersey...cute. My internet keeps going out so I wont write much so I can post this!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I will do it my way, thank you!

I have been trying for about 6 weeks now to start Melia on some solids. She HATES rice cereal so I have been trying oatmeal. She will play with it in her mouth before it all comes back out. I play games with to try to get her to open her mouth but she seems to be too smart for those b/c she just looks at me like I am crazy. Plus she wants to hold the spoon. She wants to do everything on her own. So the other day I put the spoon down and she went at the bowl with her hands and face! She was putting her face in the bowl and scooping it up with her hands. DId she eat any? I don't think so! But she sure had fun pretending too! I am going to try mixing some pears with it and see what happens b/c this little girl just won't eat!! I have some video of it I will post later.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Pool time

Melia is staring out at the water with such determination finding energy through the purple ball.
This is Melia after all the swimming...notice purple ball still in hand.

So since it has been so hot here we have been Melia in the pool quite a bit or at least trying to. She loves it and splashes around while laughing. She gets so proud of herself after gliding to me or Dan. She comes up with a big smile on her face and she even holds her more sucking in water through the nose, Mr. Mike! We love watching her have so much fun in the pool.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Week-end Report

I just wanted to write a little bit about our week end and I didn't want to leave everyone without a pic and I love this one of silly Wiggles. That is what her Aunt Kiki (karyn) is calling her these days. If she doesn't have a toy of someone's elses finger to put in her mouth she puts her own in there. We had a pretty good week end. We watched The Emperor's New Groove Friday and it was so funny. On Sat we went over to some friends from church for dinner but we couldnt stay long b/c Melia goes to bed by 7:30 now and I didnt want to miss that b/c she goes right to sleep! Church was awesome today. I love our Ward so much. Everyone is so nice and we have met so many good awesome people. We have I think 3 dinner invites for this week. So Melia loves to play on her belly and scoots around. She can get up on her hands and knees and she will rock back and forth and has started to be able to move one arm and leg forward before rolling on to her back. It is amazing how quickly they move through phases. It goes by so fast. I hope everyone had a good week end!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Peek A Boo with Nana

Nana came out of nowhere!!
Where did you go, Nana?
Ha ha...I caught you!!
Now you're just being silly...where did you go?
Yay! Nana is here again!
You are so silly down there on the floor!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Melia's Blessing Day

Okay first off I took Melia's dress off of her before the pics were taken because she was so squirmy and I just had to. But we will have pics of her in her dress tomorrow!! It is such a beautiful dress and she looked so sweet in it. Steve gave Melia a beautiful blessing and I guess while was Melia was grabbing the Bishop's coat and touching his face. I guess it was hard for him not to laugh. She is just so curious and Steve was calling her a monkey...not during the blessing...b/c she always has to be hanging from something...a name it. Thank you so much for her wonderful blessing, Steve, and we can't wait to see you in a week.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Just an update

Well we weren't going to say anything to anyone in case it didn't happen but we are pretty confident now...thanks to cats. We decided that instead of looking for land to buy we would try to find an affordable house to buy in this area. We found a beautiful home in a gorgeous neighborhood only to hear that someone had already put an offer on it. We were so bummed but today we hear back that they withdrew it b/c the Homeowners Association says you can only have 2 cats and she has 3 so b/c of the cat we are now in there! So we put an offer in today so let's see what happens! We are totally excited and can't wait to hear back. We will keep you updated. Also...I was in our apartment gym super early this morning and this total weirdo of a lady that we see around here was walking on the treadmill. She had Mtv blasting and was walking like she was on a catwalk...she shouldn't be walking that. So she would all of a sudden do these weird arm dance moves almost knocking me off of the machine I was on next to her. The best part...she stops the treadmill and drops it like it's hot...Libby you know what I am saying! She did this over and over and then did some other crazy things you shouldn't be doing on a treadmill. Anyway...thought I would share that with you. Hope everyone is having a good week!!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Granddad and Melia

I love these pictures of Melia and Steve. This was the first time he met little Melia and they have loved getting to know each other. Thank you so much for coming to San Antonio!!

Family Week-end

Nana and Granddad came in last Thursday night and Jeni, Newbs and Natalie came in Friday. We had had so much fun! Melia had her blessing on Sunday and Steve gave her the most beautiful blessing. I don't have any pics of her in her blessing dress but I will! We went swiimg a few times and just hung out and let the babies play. Natalie is so adorable and Melia had fun bouncing off the wall next to her. Hey Jeni you should get Nat a jumper...she totally loved Melia's. Nana and Granddad leave tomorrow and we will be so sad. :( I have a ton of pics but here are a few to hold you over!