Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More fun with Poppins

After her snack she was full of energy and so happy! I meant to post this after the next set of pics! Oh well.
Here she is catching some air! She loves to jump.
Face plant! Jumping back and forth from the chair to ottoman is her latest thing. It's actually pretty funny to watch.
That face totally looks like trouble!!
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Mary Poppins

I had to post this pic of Melia after her eating the pudding the second time. Well she obviously didn't eat any! I think she will love finger painting!!
Melia isn't really interested in tv probably b/c it is never on but she does like Sesame Street and I will leave it on so she can dance to the songs or maybe even sit down and watch a little of it. But I thought I would try Mary Poppins the other evening and she must have been tired! She watched it for awhile. Notice the pile of dvds? They were neatly stacked but she thought they would look better there. She did re stack them for me today but then threw back down. Hmmm...
Still watching! Oh so a cute thing she does...she will hide in the space where those dvds are. She will lie completely flat with her face down and she thinks I can't see her! I love it!
You have to have snacks while watching a movie!
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Monday, July 14, 2008

Ocean Pointe

Here is a pic of our house we will be renting in Hawaii. The town is called Ewa Beach but the community is called Ocean Pointe. We have heard great things about the area. We heard it is very family oriented which sounds good to me. There is a big park across the street which will be great since Melia loves to be outside but it is too hot here to do anything outside but play in the water.

This is just a view of the Ewa Beach. We will be leaving for Hawaii in about 2 weeks. We still haven't heard from UH Manoa but we know they are processing Dan's application so hopefully here soon we will hear back from them. Oh one thing I am loving...Melia brings me a diaper when she needs a new one!! Well most of the time at least. Or if I ask her to get one for me she will run to her room and come back with one and some wipes if she can reach. She also loves to fluch the toilet. She learned how to do that recently. She is getting pretty tired of us changing her diapers, though. She always tries to unfold one and put it on the floor then lie down on it after taking off the one she is wearing. I hope this is a good sign that she will want to use the real potty sooner than later?? Melia is excited to see her Nana in just a few days!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pudding Girl

Melia decided this morning she wanted to make some sugar free chocolate pudding for a snack. So we whipped some up and she LOVED it!! As you can see from the pics not much made it into her mouth! Luckily she didn't use it as massage lotion! She and I went to Payless yesterday and she got some new shoes. She loves shoes. Right when she wakes up in the morning she has to put her shoes on. So yesterday when we got home she wanted one pair on then the other new pair then back and forth with the new shoes. She got her first pair of shoes with a little heel last week. I will have to post some pics of those. Well I leave in a little over a week to head out to Cali to wait for Dan to drive out. He has been paiting the kitchen and fixing up some other things. It is too bad we didn't do all of this earlier so we could enjoy it! Well Melia is up from her nap! Have a good week end everyone!

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Yogurt massage

I have been giving Melia her spoon or fork to eat her food with and she usually does a good job except for yogurt! I think it just feels too much like her lotion we out on her so she thought she would give herself a massage the other morning! Never a dull moment with this little one! She has started to say "My boo boo" and will point to one of her scratches. It's pretty funny b/c she will do it to anyone! Even if her boo boo is 2 weeks old! Silly girl. She says Mommy all the time instead of Mama. I love that. Maybe I already posted that. Oh well...anyway...
I have no idea why I haven't posted this but most of you know that Melia will be getting a baby brother! I went last week and the tech showed me my little boy! He spread his legs for us and everything! What a boy! Ha ha! I am so excited to be having a little boy. Melia needs someone tough like her to play with around here!
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Monday, July 07, 2008

Saying Goodbye

This post is for my sweet Keesa. Last night I sat with her and pet her while she was euthanized. it was one of the hardest things I have had to do. She stopped eating and drinking awhile ago so we took her to the vet and he did some tests and said she was fine. She wasn't. She just got worse. I won't go into details but last night I decided to take her into an emergency vet. She was suffering and I decided to just let her go. She was such a sweet little cat and we miss her so much. I cried so hard last night and still have been today. After her surgery to get declawed and spayed she really wasn't the same. I feel bad b/c I feel like I could have done more for her but the vet makes it so hard to. It costs so much just to run tests before they can even treat. For those of you who know me I love my cats. Love, love , love them. They are apart of the family so this was so hard to do. She was only 1 year old. Well we love you Keesa. Dan wanted me to put in some of the nicknames she was given. Oh for those of you who know cats always have quite a few nicknames. Keesa Kat, Keesa Splat, Splen splan, Splantananious, Melia called her Meow, The Splen or the Splan, Splant, Velcro cat...that is all for now. Oh it is amazing how strangers play a role in our lives. After the tech told me the test results for FIV and leukemia were negative she gave me 2 options...eauthanize or keep testing. I was crying and told her I don't know if I can afford so much but don't want her to suffer. So I turn to sit and there is this lady sitting there crying and she says "It's ok if you let her go." She said some other stuff and we talked but for some reason I felt calmer after she spoke to me. She actually really helped me just by being there. Funny, isn't it? Anyway, thanks Mom and M2 for calling me today. Ok also just to make my week start off even worse my brand new phone just stops working last night so I have to take it in today. I have only had it 3 weeks and of course they sold me the last model that will be made so I have to sit there in the store for almost 2 hours trying to get another one and all that. They were being thieves and I was so tired and emotinal from last night that it just wasn't a fun time for me or them! AAAHHH!! Ok I think I have written enough for now.