Saturday, September 27, 2008

More Waialae...

Ok I didn't realize my cover was still halfway on. This pic reminds me of Fiji a little bit. This was from the hotel as we were about to walk back down the beach. Also once again I put all these posts in the wrong order so the very last one explains what all these pics are about! So there are quite a few so read on and keep on scrolling down!

Posted by PicasaOk why did I put this pic in? Well I just love that I get to look at this kind of beauty when I am at a stoplight!!
The walk down the beach ended at a hotel with some cool fish to look at and a stingray.

I dont know if you can see them but Melia is looking at dolphins. There were about 6 and she just laughed at them so hard especially when they did their tricks.

it was a cool hotel that I do not know the name of! But if anyone ever wants to come over and swim with dolphins let me know. I had the opportunity to see a nice couple jump in with wearing a pinkish speedo and the wife wearing matching pink swimsuit. Nice.

Posted by PicasaI love this field trip idea and that we will see the same group of kids every Friday. Melia and I had so much fun and it is cool to explore this beautiful island.
The little girl with the hat on is Hannah. She loved going up to Melia and patting her on the head. At one point they were running around each other in the water laughing. It was cute!

This is Cindy telling a story about 2 turtles who fell in love. sweet.

Melia was actually sitting next to me on the bench listening to the story..

Posted by PicasaUntil she was done and decided to do her own thing...
Collecting some sand and shells...

She did great walking down the beach with everyone.

Posted by PicasaOf course she had to get in the water! I wanted to jump in also.

Waialae Field Trip

I signed Melia and I up for Field Trip Friends which consists of 8 weeks of field trips! We go somewhere different every Friday and the first one was to Waialae. I had never been over there before and it was pretty cool. The group met at the beach park and it is run by this lady Cindy. She even had a professional photographer there! So we all met under the old shade tree and sang some Hawaiian songs and the kids could play with some shells and look at some books. At first Melia wanted nothing to do with this group and kept trying to pull me away but then she decided it might be fun.

Cindy gave all the kids buckets and shovels and told the kids to collect certain things found on the beach.

Melia was off towards the beach to start collecting her shells!

Pretty view I thought...
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Friday, September 26, 2008

A few of Melia's fav things...

Putting on as many articles of clothing as possible! She has 2 shirts on here, 2 pairs of pants and my slippers. She wanted more on but I couldn't get them on. She LOVES putting clothes on...all of them!!
Stickers! I got her a new coloring book (she loves to scribble) and in this book there are over 600 stickers. I think she has had about 100 on her at one time! She loves to put stickers on herself and anyone within reach!
Brushing her teeth! She has always let me brush her teeth without giving me a struggle and she now loves to do it herself...anytime of day she is ready to brush those teeth!!
It can get tiring standing for awhile so she had to take a rest. We are off for our first field trip. I signed us up for Field Trip Friends Hawaii. We go on 8 different field trips with a group of other kids so I will blog about later today!!
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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yea! Pictures!

Ok I always mess up the order of my posts but read the post below this one ok!! You will understand why I do not have the greatest pics of my mom's trip. These are just a few more random shots...this one of the zoo. Zoos can be kinda lame b/c all the animals are asleep. We seriously only saw 3 butts...a chimp's butt and 2 others I do not remember. Ha! Ha! Sorry no bum shots!
Melia had so much fun with her "Ga Ga"...that is Grandma. She was helping her deflate her bed the day she left. Oh my mom took me to a spot that she had taken me to when I was just a baby down in Waikiki! It was so cool to take Melia there. My mom used to come to this island a lot when Karyn and I were little so she recognized a lot of different things. It was really cool to hear stories about when she would come here. sad Ga Ga is gone. :( Thanks for the awesome trip Mom! I will post more pics of that trip once I get them. But dont forget to read on below and I will be posting more often know. I was being lazy plus I couldn't find my battery charger for my camera. As per requests I will post a belly shot sometime soon! I am 30 weeks and feel pretty great. I still run about 5 days a week, swim 2 to 3 and lift about 3 and do yoga twice. Oh and have an extremely busy day with Melia! But I do feel good but boys sure do carry lower than girls b/c man, he keeps me up at night with all the acrobatics! Melia was so much higher that it never bothered me at night but this little one feels like he is kicking my hip bones! Ouch! Well this is my little update for now...I have had many funny and interesting things happen I want to blog about so I think I will try to blog daily here for a little while!!
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Yes I know it has been 3 weeks since I blogged and since then my mom came to visit. We mainly used her camera to take pics and she asked me not to post anything until I got her pics (they are better) but sorry Mom...I have to put something up!! She was here for a week and it was so much fun. Was there anything we didn't do?? These are from the zoo...there are peacocks running around and we made the mistake of feeding one and it got way too close. After these were taken Melia tried to hit it away from her then hid behind me.
Let's see...we went to Ko Olina Resort a few times while Mom was here. We went to Dole Plantation and went on the train ride and then to North Shore. We went to North Shore a few times. We headed up there Labor Day and went to a few beaches. Ok so I have to tell this story. My mom has the pics of this amazing beach so I hope I get them soon. We went over to Kailua where the sand is like a baby's blanket...awesome! Well it reminded me of Fiji...just beautiful. Anyway we see a helicopter coming our way and it is hovering right above us. Melia starts to wave so we all do! it looks like they are waving back. So then some lifeguards on jet skis are zipping around the water kicking everyone out of the water. I thought they might be looking for a missing person. So Dan and I had been not super far out in the water but out to where it got deep. We get out after seeing everyone else get out. Come to find out those nice men in the helicopter were looking for a 10 foot tiger shark that was spotted!! I was wondering after that though...what were they going to do if they found it? Ask it kindly to please swim elsewhere b/c it is bothering tourists??
Aahh yes our night walks...Melia loves to take a morning walk and evening to visit the neighborhood cats. I have no pics of our fav...her name is Precious and I she is actually the most beautiful cat I have ever seen. Sorry, Sasha, I think she might have you beat! So the house in the above pic is where Winston, the Brit, lives along with Sir Albert and their Indian friend Fazzel. Did we make those names up? Yes b/c that is what we do! melia is obsessed with cats and loves to visit them and meow at them. She collects flowers along the way just to give to them as an offering. So sweet!
This pic is for you Mom...a glimpse of the alleys here. My mom couldn't get over how nice our alleys are!! I will have to take more pics so everyone can see the beauty! Actually they are really nice!!
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