Thursday, February 25, 2010

My boys

This was during breakfast in bed. Troy must have smelled the pancakes because he woke up right after we went in her room. He doesn't like missing out on a good breakfast. Lunch or dinner for that matter. Although lately all he wants is a muscle milk shake. He is trying to build muscle. :) I love these pics and had to post some of my boys! By the way the necklace Dan is wearing was given to him by Melia. She got these "birthday necklaces" but she only needed 1 she said. We got to wear the others. Sweet! Aren't they handsome??? I am a lucky girl.
Troy's hair looks so straight in these pics but his hair actually has some volume and curl to it. Not like my kind of curl but big curls. It can get crazy!!! He is 15 months now. CRAZY!!
Speaking of crazy...Troy is crazy busy. Nonstop...all day. Well he takes breaks. At the beach yesterday we were all down by the water. Troy walks up to the beach towel and just lies down on his side then onto his back and just stares up for awhile. I was on a beach towel the other day and he came up and did the same..just next to me cuddling. I love that little boy. He comes up to me and gives me hugs and kisses randomly all the time. He was making some people laugh at the beach, too. He likes to put the top of his head into the sand and do a kind of head stand while looking underneath him. It's hilarious. He got annoyed with me the other day b/c I wouldn't let him run out in the middle of the street and he turned to me, squinted his eyes and pinched my leg. It made me laugh so hard!! I have been working on actually posting this for a few days and every time I sit down it is usually for the first time all day and I just get so super right now!
Posted by PicasaDan left for New Zealand today. He is going over to do IRONMAN with his dad. I am sad I can't be there when he crosses the finish line and we will for sure miss him but I know he will have fun and be in quite some pain. I am proud of all his hard work and commitment just to do something so huge..still bummed I can't go. :( Well this post was dedicated to my boys. I love you, Troy. I love you, Dan. You both exhaust me and bring me happiness. I have to clean up after both of you ;) but I enjoy the random hugs and kisses from you both. You both pout when you don't get my attention and I am smiling as I write this. Alright I am off to bed.

Breakfast in Bed

Melia had a great birthday yesterday!! We started it off with breakfast in bed. As stated in last post she ate her treats the night before so I made her blueberry pancakes and even had some cupcakes for her. Yes..I let my kids have sugar sometimes. Dan came downstairs right after I made the pancakes and thought all 6 were for him. So thinking she wasnt going to get up for awhile I let him eat them. oop. I rushed to make a few more and we lit the candles before walking upstairs only to have them blown out by the fan..obviously. So we lit them again but it reminded me of when my sis and I tried to make breakfast in bed for my mom once when we were little. We tried I think 4 or 5 times. Once I think the curtains in the kitchen lit on fire. We spilled the cereal and milk walking up the name happened. So mom had this tradition of breakfast in bed and I LOVED it. Always looked forward to it. I hope my kiddos do, too, someday.
I have a bunch of pics from yesterday and I didnt want to wait a month then post all of them at once so I thought I would every night post a few. Dan stayed home from school to go to the beach with us which was so much fun. Melia is the happiest just hanging at the beach in the sand or water. So that was special for her to have us all together. Dan asked Melia "Melia what is Daddy going to be when he is done with school?" Melia's answer "You will be home." :)

Ok I will write more about her b'day tomorrow. Thank you, Grandma, for the awesome beautiful cards that Melia wouldn't let me read and the kitty lipgloss that mysteriously showed up the mailbox (our little secret :) Granddad, thanks for the birthday song..Melia listened and smiled so big!! "He is singing to me!" ha ha Jeni and Natalie..beautiful..thanks so much. We skyped Nana and Libby and Melia got to talk to them. She was having fun showing Nana where Mommy fell on her knee. Hmm..poor thing. She talked to Grandma over the phone, which was too sweet to hear. Grandma, we don't say oh my gosh!!! Nana, thank you soooo much for the gifts!! Thanks everyone for making my sweet daughter's birthday so special. I will post more pics tomorrow. It is 8:30 and I am wiped. Troy climbs non stop all day long. Everything...climbs. Highchairs? Sure..climb it. 'Fridge shelves when mommy isn't looking? Sure why not? Who cares what may fall. I love how boys don't just place things down, too. They throw them hard as they can. Ok..rambling on. Until tomorrow...
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


My Melia. I could already write a book all about you. It would be long and it would make the person reading it laugh, cry, smile, gasp..pretty much go through every emotion possible. I have!! I do everyday I think. My baby girl is 3 tomorrow. I cannot believe it. Before I go on about that I must go back to last Friday where my not so lucky fortune started. Troy was down for his nice long nap and Melia and I were enjoying playing together. After playing "sticker book" we decide to sit down for some lunch. I am sitting on one stool and she is on another. She decides to hang from my forearm-naturally, right?-and she tells me to pull her up. Just playing a game of "Hold on to me, Mommy." I tell her to stop hanging on me and right after I say that..somehow she pulls me over and the stool's legs fly out from under me and we crash to the ground. No biggie except something is digging into my right bum cheek. Melia starts screaming bloody murder. Oh that is her knee! CRAP!!! Her leg is somewhat twisted back like a runners' stretch and I am ontop. Nice, Mommy. So I pick her up and she is screaming ouch over and over..tears streaming down her face. The inside of her left knee is HUGE and a purple thick line has formed. Ok...weird. So in the midst of all of this I say "Oh my gosh." My dear sweet Melia through her tears and screams says "We don't say oh my gosh." ever so softly. Now those of you who know Melia..this makes sense and would melt your heart. She is precious. I will go into the whole oh my gosh thing later..there's more. So I call Dan who calls every doctor in his family. ha ha Just kidding. Long story short..we have to go get an xray as her knee was getting pretty swollen and purple. Dan came home and we all went to the doc. I am driving there and lose it and start laughing so hard I spit my wter out everywhere and then laugh so hard I cry then make the kids cry. I just had to let it all go. So the xray tech thought it was pretty funny when he asked what happened and Melia told him"Mommy fell on me off the stool."

Well today we went to Target..the kids and I. Melia somehow loses her shoes. "Mommy I want my shoes." Ok so put them on. "Where'd they go?" Hmm..ok. So just like that they vanish. I ask customer service..nothing. So while trying to find more shoes Troy pulls down a whole rack of flip slops. I am talking like 50 or shoes come all flying down. What do I do? I run! I grab the kids and run. I ended up buying Melia more shoes. How do you just lose your shoes in the store??
Melia started back gymnastics class. LOVES IT! She loves, loves, loves Coach Utah. He still reminds me of her Uncle Mike. They look alike and have the same voice but Utah is actually from Texas so immediately is cool. He even coached near Tyler. Nice. The other coach is Coach Yogi. I love the names. She wanted a rainbow leotard and amazingly enough she found one! She does so well in her class and seriously is so skilled. Troy spends his time in the little play area flashing the little girls. He lifts his shirt up at them. My boy!
Well tonight we went to Safeway. I wanted to get Melia a surpise treat for her b'day breakfast in bed. Should have stayed home. Let me say Jeep is not running well at all and the engine light is on and just feels like it will stop running at any given second. So I take the truck today. Well Mr. Truck decides to have a total FLAT tire when we walk out of store #2. I have tons of groceries and 2 hungry kids and a flat. So I am told by USAA that it will be about 45 minutes or so to get someone out. Anyway..about almost 2 hours later..we get home. Troy started laughing as soon as he saw the house. I was right there with him! Anyway other than all that crazy stuff life is good. My kids are awesome and I adore spending every waking second being with them. We went to the beach twice on Sunday. All morning..come home for naps...go back. Perfect. I dont remember anything I just typed. I am exhausted. While I love being with the kids all day..they kick my butt by the end of the day!! Oh I have so much more going on, too. We were adopted by a pretty young thing..Lulu, the cat. She just gave birth to 4 kittens on our couch last night. Yep. Right there on my couch. My spot , too. Guess what ? They are still there. This is perfect really. Melia has been wanting a cat for her birthday..there you go. You have kittens too!!! So Dan and I were cat midwives last night. All I wanted to do was watch a movie...alright well tomorrow I had planned on taking Melia to Waimea to the waterfall and then lunch and a sno-cone but now that both vehicles SUCK I am not sure but I will make it special b/c she is special. I love you, Melia. You make me proud every single day. You make me laugh every single day and sometimes even, not really but I may want to? ha ha You're beautiful and thoughtful and I learn from you everyday, too. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! (more pics to come...) Ok this is the 4th time I am trying to post this by the way. Last night I checked it and no pics were there so I went back. This post was even up. Hmm..I wonder why I do not blog regularly. This always happens to me. So now my days sucks and I am giving up all hope. Really? No not really but I sure wish this stupid computer would WORK!!! Oh I am making Melia breakfast in bed as she ate the treats I got for her yesterday while I was talking to the man whom was fixing my tire. So I had different and more pics all arranged and actually in order but I will post more later..well we'll see. But my point is I LOVE YOU MELIA!!!! Let's go have a fun day!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Back again...

Alright! So I have made a resolution that I will blog daily. HA! Ok so here's the thing-pretty sure I have said it before but Troy is a smartie. He knows that when I sit down in the study the attention is not on him and all he has to do is push that pretty little blue button and oh..he gets attention as he shut my computer off. Never fails..every single time. So I have to blog at night. Well after a full day of kiddos I am exhausted and end of falling asleep as soon as I sit down. Anyway I need to be better b/c so many fun thigns happen or we have funny little adventures and I want the kids to be able to read about it someday and I dont want to forget the little things. I posted and saved a bunch of xmas pics but that seems so long ago and I actually didn't feel like writing about that right now. But I know most of you have seen xmas pics on facebook but I still am going to post them with some cute xmas stories..just not tonight. :) Melia is obviously into fashion these days..just look at what she is wearing and chose to put on herself. What you cannot see are the 8 other pairs of panties underneath what she has on. Speaking of which..she is potty trained. Took about a day. I had tried the bribery thing a month or so ago and it worked here and there. Well a week or so ago I told her to go in the toilet..and she did and she just kept doing it. It took about a day of reminding her but no accidents and she pees and poops and does it all herself. Doesnt even tell me..just goes by herself and gets it done. I am so proud of her!!!!
She is speaking so much, too. I LOVE talking to her all day..and I mean all day. She can talk my ear off and especially in the car. I try not to talk on the phone while driving anymore b/c I just love talking with Melia. Plus she makes Troy laugh and it is awesome listening to them.

There's my TROY!! He is almost 14 months and he is a strong minded little boy already. He is just as independent as his sister. I mean we are at the park and he will just walk away from us and keep walking down the sidewalk. He would totally keep walking, too, if I didnt chase him down. He likes to figure things out by himself which is great except when Melia is trying to be helpful...he wants none of that and likes to voice his opinion on that. Oh goodness. It can get quite loud around here. Troy yelling at Melia (in toddler "talk") to leave him alone and Melia yelling at him to Stop crying Troy! I love it all, though. I was eating some green beans today and I jumped up and sat ont he counter. Well Melia looked very concerned and a little annoyed at this. She says "Mommy do not sit on the counter please. It is not safe. Get down." Well that is true and while I wanted to sit on the counter and tell her I am mommy so I can I realize I tell her this all the time and she is sucha little me I love it.

Hey where did you go??


Oh well I found a cheerio...
I promise to post more pics frequently. I am promising this to myself. To sum up the holidays they were great. We had fun going to the beach when we could and just hanging at the house with the kiddos. Dan had 3 weeks off or so and we got to spend some good time with him at home. I loved taking the kids around the neighborhood every night to look at xmas lights. This neighborhood goes off at xmas...lights everywhere. I loved it!! I will write more when I do the xmas post..well until tomorrow..I have some cute pics I need to get up here..ok well this took a lot out of me! ha ha I am so beat!! Melia got her first pair of running shoes "just like Mommy" so need I say more of why I am tired? :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Monkey business

My little Monkey-wait that isn't Troy! Melia wanted to play dress up the other day and I had been telling her Troy's monkey costume wouldn't fit b/c it is for a baby and she is a big girl. Well Mommy isn't always right obviously b/c I think it fits perfect!
I am a little obsessed with those slender little legs of hers..lucky little girl.
So I may have told her that to be a monkey she must eat a banana...she had fun running around making monkey sounds
Side shot-beautiful tail. After a little bit she says "Ok this is too small. This is for a baby, Mommy. I am a big girl. I take it off." And that was that.
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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Running behind...

So where did the last few weeks go?? I always have the intention of blogging but...well Troy knows the button to push to turn the computer off so anytime I sit down..yep it's off. Annoying? Yes! So anyway..we had a nice Thanksgiving and of course Troy's b'day was that day, as well, so after we went to our neighbors' for dinner (no pumpkin pie?? WHAT? we had a little family celebration for Troy..

I honesly am not good with the whole put the pics in order and forget every single time that I need to really put them backwards to have them come out right..ok so not in order. We got that. So we are starting off at the end of the cake son loves to eat..anything and everything. Did he eat his cake? Nope!

But he sure loved playing with it..

Mom! This is awesome!!

My little clown..

Ready to start..

Yeah I can hold my balloons up with my foot..

Grandma had these balloons delivered that morning..nice surprise!! Troy also got a cookie bouquet from Nana and Granddad but for some reason I couldn't find that pic but I will...

It was such a fun day and I have so many pics of the last few weeks as the kids and I have been going on "field trips" as Melia likes to call them. That's all I have the energy I have for this post..blogging can be tiring as this is the first time I have sat down all day!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


My sweet son Troy-I love you more than words can express. I am honored to be your mother and love every moment I spend with you. HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!! I can't believe my baby is 1. A year has really gone by?? Here is Troy doing what he does best-finding food! He loves to eat and I caught him under the chair the other day nibbling on Cheerios. He drops food from his tray just so he can have a snack when he gets down from his highchair. Good thinking, my boy. He is a very smart, handsome little guy who always has a smile on his face. He walks around laughing just to laugh. He is a joy to have and I just absolutely LOVE him!!

So I am wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and wishing my son, Troy, a wonderful Happy Birthday. Thanks for being just perfect.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Peacocks and Breakdancers

Hmm..ok well I am not good at posting pics in the order I have in mind. Oh well. There are tons of pics on this post. ...yes these are Halloween cookies. Surprisingly enough I do know how to bake. Grandma sent Melia some wicked awesome sprinkles so what did we do with them..we sprinkled..
Melia and I had tons of fun making cookies. This girl doesn't really like sweets but man she loved these sprinkled cookies. Ok seriously-I want her hair.

Don't you love when they are just that tired..

Random order...Nana enjoying Troy. Nana came a few weeks ago for a week. She had a blast with the kiddos. I love Troy's face in this one.

Troy warmed right up to Granddad. I can't believe Troy is a year old in a few weeks..Thanksgiving Day actually.

A peacock is on here why? Well this will start you off on the zoo pics...these are running around everywhere at the zoo..they can be mean, too. You have been warned..

Melia obviously thought it would be more fun to be in with the animals..

Why would she not push her own stroller? It is like the dogs you see walking themselves...leash in this girl./

Work that sass!!

So sweet..

Getting annoyed are we?


She is definitely the funny little girl. She loves to make us laugh and she is quite good at being the little comedian. Karyn, remember when Grandma would call me a comedian? I thought it was some kind of monster and i would just nod and smile but really I was terrified. Sweet imagination! Wonder why I didnt just ask what it meant..

Love those pouty lips!

First thing she has anyone books to her. Loves her books. After i read her 4 or 5 books for her nap or bedtime she re reads them to herself. She has such a good memory that she really can read them back. I listen to her on the monitor. Oh so real quick funny story..we were at the park yesterday and this quite plump little boy, Hayden was there. We have met him before. He tells me he is 3 and his dad is 5. Of course. Well this boy really is wow dude you could play NFL! So anyway he starts what I think having a seizure on the ground..oh what? You are breakdancing? Of course. So we all look on and that beautiful sight. Then Melia is climbing on something and he tells her "Don't do that! Stop! You are going to hurt your weiner!!" He tells her this a few times..I tell him"Oh sweetie she doesn't have a weiner. Melia is a girl." He thinks about this and says Oh well does he have a weiner? (pointing to Troy) I tell him yes. Hayden then grabs himself and says "I have a weiner. it's right here. It is my pee pee." Hmm..thanks Hayden and I don't think we should be having this conversation anymore. ha ha are hilarious.