Saturday, April 25, 2009

Can't keep up with blogging!

Ok wow...long time since posting and these pics are actually a few weeks old I think. Well since the last time I posted I turned 30 (yikes!) and Troy is now 5 months...crazy. I have pics of my birthday but I will post those tomorrow...I really will! My computer has been quite cranky lately so hasn't wanted to cooperate with me. Anyway last weekend or maybe the one before that? I came outside to find Melia helping Daddy clean his bike. She loves to work...loves it. I seriously think she would get a job doing hard labor if she could right now.

Making sure to get the spokes...

Ok i do want to say thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes and the new garden of flowers! I got so many flowers delivered it was awesome. But I will post that tomorrow...and sis the pic of my sweet purse is coming.

They look so alike except those eyes of Troy's. I wish he had gotten those from me.

Melia doing some computer work. Let's see...I am still not sure if my race is going on due to the jellyfish but I will know soon. I have about 4 hours to sign up for a half ironman on the Big Island May 30th. I was supposed to do that one last year but I was pregnant so I thought I would go for it this year. But we'll see...I still have 4 hours to decide before the cutoff.

I love this dress!! I had a bit of a scare a few weeks ago. As we all know I have naturally curly hair...very curly hair and I use a relaxer to kinda calm the curls a bit. So I was doing this in my bathroom while Melia was watching me and she even helped me wash my hair...sweet girl. So anyway Troy was asleep and she loves to make noise and wake him but she also loves my bathroom so I thought she would like to be in there which she did. The doorbell rings a few times after I am all done so I rush downstairs to get it. I had thrown all my stuff away in a big trashbag when I was done. Well I come up a few minutes later (I usually lock my bathroom door) and I walk into the bathroom and Melia has the relaxer all over her hair. She looks up and says "Just like Mommy's hair!" witha huge smile on her face. I FREAK out!! That stuff can burn your skin! I throw her in the shower and scrub it all out. I pour pretty much a whole bottle of conditioner on her hair. So I am freaking out b/c her hair is looking stick straight. Ok long story short b/c I am tired...I called a few people bawling my eyes out that Melia's hair was ruined and poor Dan thought her hair was all gone. Her hair is fine and it was the conditioner making it look so straight and weird. She still has her little bouncy curls and thickness. Anyway I wanted to write this down b/c I want to make this past year into a book to keep and I want Melia to read this someday and laugh!!

Random but isn't this cool? 3 roses around the big rose...pretty cool. Ok Troy is just about crawling now. He just needs to put it all together. He rolls around everywhere and he will bring his knees up to his chest put his face down then drag himself forward. He can actually get around pretty fast. He rocks back and forth on his hands and knees a lot too. he is in love with watching his sister run circles around him...literally. She is in love with being the center of his attention. I love watching him laugh at her. Well I am off...this long post exhausted me ha ha

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Jumping around

I thought I would finish off my weekend pictures. Saturday we went to Kailua to a beach party. It was for all the guys who did the race series that Dan did. Dan got his 3rd place overall trophy which was pretty cool. Way to go Dan! We got there pretty late so we couldn't stay that long but it was pretty fun. Kailua is a beautiful area and the beaches are so beautiful. We of course don't have any pics of the beach...sorry.
Melia made friends with Buddy, the dog.

Ok these are out of order but here was Melia's obsession over the weekend. The toothbrush ended up in the toilet paper roll...

After she brushed her teeth...

And after she rinsed and repeated...she did this about 20 times I think. It was kinda rainy out and Dan was on a ride and Troy was sleeping so I was entertained watching Melia do her thing.

Troy loves his toes....he gets very happy to see them. So cute.

Ok so we got Troy a jumper and he loves it! He loves to stand and look arounf obviously while I am holding on to him so I thought he would love a jumper and right I was. I was actually nervous that it would cause some problems in that Melia would always want to be in it like his highchair but she actually just says "Baby's chair" and wants him to play in it all the time. She is such a good big sister. Today she started to carry this basket of Troy's diapers. I was asking her to please not do that and to leave them downstairs. I thought for sure she was going to make a mess with them. So she goes up anyway...of course and I was busy with Troy so I just let her. I go up to Troy's room later to find she had put all of his diapers in his diaper stacker. She was just trying to help..she really is such a sweet little girl.

More jumper fun!

Melia standing guard...

So here are some things I can't believe...I can't believe how big Troy is getting already. I can't believe I will be 30 in a week. I can't believe I will be 30 with 2 kids!! I can't believe Melia was up all last night screaming for no apparent reason at all. I can't believe I am still awake after being up all night. I can't believe how happy my kids make me...even if one does scream all night. :) Oh so speaking of screaming we were all in Whole Foods on Sat and Melia was...screaming. I don't like this phase and want it to end...NOW! Anyway I was with Troy getting something and Melia was with Dan screaming quite loud. I know she was super tired. Anyway this man looks at me rolls his eyes and says "Oh my gosh how incredibly annoying." I said "Oh you think so? That is my daughter so watch it" Before I could go off he just walked away. I felt so really I did. Yeah um next time you tell me when you will be there and I will make sure I am not there so you can enjoy your shopping experience!! I was not having it that day and I am glad he walked away from me as quickly as he did. He must have seen the rage in my eyes. Yes, it was annoying. But noone else can say that to me!! ha ha I am off to bed now. Hope everyone is having a good week so far...what is today? Only Monday...oh man..

Sunday, April 12, 2009

More weekend pics..

I loved these 2 pics of Melia so wanted to share the love. I always get posts out of order...I am always typing this at the start of them so next time I will assume you all know to keep scrolling down to see the rest of the pics. This was on the monorail...I just want to say that when Dan dressed her I thought it looked a little racy to have the front of a dress be see through like that but then I didnt think about it again. So this morning he puts on her dress again and says to me "This dress is weird. The other day there was no liner and now today there is!" Hmmm...maybe you put it on backwards? Nicely done, Dan.

Melia now has to eat in Troy's highchair. She climbs up and says "My food!" Whatever gets her to eat... This pics is a little blurry but I love her expression. So i just found out that the race I am training for might be made into a duathlon due to box jellyfish swarm that day. I guess they can tell by the lunar cycle when they will be here. A duathlon for those who arent sure is a run bike run instead swim bike run. I am not fond of these at all. But I am wondering why, if they go by the lunar cycle, they didn't make the race another day? Like the day before? Oh well. I will know 10 days before whether it is a tri or what. Just thought I would throw that in there
After i put Troy down the other day I couldn't find Melia. I finally go into my bathroom to find her in my sink brushing her teeth. I could hear the song on her Thomas toothbrush. She is obsessed with clean teeth. Anytime she sees me brushing she immediately gets hers. Usually everytime after she eats she brushes her teeth. Cute thing!
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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter weekend

Happy Easter everyone! We have had a fun week end. Dan had a long weekend so we got to spend some good time with him. We went to the mall and the kids got to meet the Easter Bunny. Melia didn't mind but she wasn't so sure about him at first. She didn't hesitate at all though. SHe must have known he was going to be handing out candy. We bought some of the pics the guy took which it turned out great. Both were looking right at the camera.
I was pretty bummed to find out there are no Easter egg hunts here on the actual day of Easter. They were all a week ago or 2 weeks ago. There were big hunts that would have been so fun but I missed them. Next year. So we are going to hide some eggs in our yard while she naps. I would just like to add that Troy was put down easily for a nap and Dan is driving around with Melia so she can fall asleep. Kinda backwards I think but whatever works these days I am all for.
We had to ride on the monorail to get to the "downtown" area of the mall. Melia absolutely loves this.
Posted by PicasaShe was pointing at eveyrthing she saw out the window.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Troy's new love

I just wanted to post some pics of my big boy Troy. He is a little over 4 months now and is growing like a weed. Yesterday I put him in his highchair for the first time and he was so excited! He must have felt like a big boy in his new chair. I can't say he liked the cereal I was trying to feed him but he didn't fuss about it. Of course he didn't...he is such a happy little guy.

He is also a very active little guy. He has started to get up on his knees and then will straighten his legs and propel himself forward. It almost seems as if his mission right now is to get mobile and I must say he is doing a very good job. He is super strong and can get on his hands and knees pretty easily. I think he realizes he better start moving soon so he can either keep up with Melia or get away from her!! ha ha He is "talking" to me in this pic. He is so vocal. He cracks me up at how he will just "talk" all day.

Melia is such a sweetie with Troy. She loves to give him kisses and hugs. So we had a good week end. I have started training for an Olympic distance triathlon so Dan and I went on a ride together which was fun to get out together again. Dan had 2 races kinda back to back so the kids and I spent the day together on Sunday. We walked to this little park near our house and there was this little boy there, Sampson. Well Melia and Sampson became instant buddies and played together for about 2 hours. Melia played with his daddy too. They had a soccer ball and they were throwing back and forth to each other. It was so sweet. Another little girl approached Sampson and Melia took his hand and stepped in front of him as if to block him from the girl. THey ran around holding hands...he was 4 and loved her!! When it was time to go Melia ran up and gave him a kiss and hugs and the same for his dad, Steve. She runs up to me and says "One more time Mommy" and runs back over and gives Steve another hug and kiss. She did this 2 more times. Anyway it was so fun to see Melia and that little boy playing together like that. It reminded me of how much fun she had with Nash when he was here a few months ago. Oh and she slept from 7 p.m until almost 10 the next morning after that!

Yes here is Troy's new love...his bottle. My big man decided to stop nursing and go with the bottle. I must say I cried about this for awhile but now I am ok with it. He loves his bottle and he gets so excited when he sees me preparing it. He is napping better and it is less stressful now that I am not trying to force him to nurse!! Poor guy! So now instead of trying to "nurse" her kitties Melia now gives them a sippy cute. I am going to try and blog more pics more often. Ha ha..we'll see.
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