Sunday, June 28, 2009

A few Maui shots..

Ok so I have a few minutes to blog. It has been a very busy week end. We are moving into the new house..right now. So anyway very busy but after tomorrow we won't have internet for about a week or so. These are the only pics I got in Maui.. read last blog...didn't think I had the camera but when Lynne gets home I will be getting those? I hope!
We took Troy down to the beach the last night we were there. He loves the beach and sand.

Eating some sand. Sis...this reminded me of the pic we have of Nash when he was in Hawaii at 7.5 mos eating sand!

Love those meaty legs!! Ok I have a lot to write about Maui...some funny stories but I really don't have time but I will say I had a blast. It was so awesome to see Natalie. She has been a best friend of mine for 15 years. She was the most beautiful bride...seriously gorgeous. I am so happy I was able to be there on her wedding day. So I am sure it will take a week or 2 to complete my Maui trip blog.

First taste..not so much.

Enjoy the next pics of the beautiful sunsent in Maui!! I just took a 5 hour break from blogging. Troy woke up then it was more moving! I am so tired...hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


These are a few weeks old but I thought I would do a quick blog entry. These were taken before our Maui trip. So wow maybe almost a month old and Troy is 7 months in a few days. So I need to post of Maui but here's the thing...Lynne has all the pics! I have some from the last night there so will post those. I have been so busy since getting home. How do people post everyday? So when we get to Maui I am all bummed b/c I forgot my camera. Well after being there 5 days Dan and I are driving up to the wedding (we went to see my good friend, Natalie, of 15 years get married) and I mention how bummed I am about not bringing the camera. He says "Oh I brought it. It's in my computer bag under the bed." Really? So Dan isn't the "take pics of the family" type of guy. So needless to say we got a few at the wedding and I got a few the last night being there. But here are some cute pool pics...yes taken awhile ago and I swear Troy is bigger than that now! We are in the process of moving to a new house...same area. So been busy, yeah? Oh so that little get up Troy is wearing I brought to Maui and it was way to small. I had to go out and buy him a new little rashguard top and shorts. He is growing so fast! Ok a few cool beach shots and more Maui trip details later...

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Thursday, June 04, 2009

My boy...

These pics were actually taken over 2 weeks ago and let me say Troy has grown since then!! He is just growing like crazy. And yes standing up and crawling and trying to walk. The boy is so curious and very strong. He was pushing that little walker thing and he wasn't even 6 months in that pic! He had his 6 mos check up a week ago and he had grown 1.5 inches in 4 weeks. I love it! He had also gained a pound and a half...loves to eat for sure.
Already has an attitude...ha ha actually he doesn't but looks like it in this pic..
I wish he got those eyes from me!! So he is a very busy little boy these days as I was saying. I love walking in his room and he is just standing there staring at the door smiling. He also just loves to stand. He pulls himself up and he is good at sitting back down now so I am not as worried about him falling over backwards. He also mastered crawling up the stairs so out came the baby gate.
I just wanted to do a quick blog about my sweet boy...he is such a joy to be around and I just love him tons. I will post more recent shots b/c seriously he has grown since these pics were taken a few weeks ago. I am too spent to write anymore...
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