Friday, April 27, 2007

2 Month Check Up

Melia and I drove up to Waimea to pay a little visit to Dr. Gregg for her 2 month check up. She had gained a little over 2 pounds since the last time we saw him which was a month ago. She weighed in at a whopping 10lbs 9 oz and she had grown almost 3 inches! She is now 23 3/4 inches. So she is in the 90th percentile for height and was bumped up from the 25th for weight to the 45. Not bad little girl! But then there were the shots. I think I cried harder than she did and for longer. That was the hardest thing to watch! So sad but we got through it and she had a restful night.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Fun with Grandma

Melia has had a blast getting to know her Grandma. She has played with Grandma, spit up on her, fallen asleep on her..everything! Grandma leaves in the morning and I know she will miss Melia so much. Melia has such cute expressions and her smile just makes me laugh it is so cute! I would write more but I am so tired. Melia was having some nursing issues today so it was a rough day for us. Hope everyone is having a good week so far!

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Its sunday evening and the sun is finally out after a week of heavy rainfall. I am just looking out over our back yard which was all chopped down last week. I barbequed Chicken and Steak and made some nice salads. We filled up and enjoyed James Bonds new movie Casino Royal. It is an awesome movie!
Well I take back that comment about the rain, it just dumped down again and drenched the island. I guess it will never stop till we leave this place.
It is true that we are moving to Texas, some people have asked us if we are moving or visiting... We are excited to move and start over again in the lonestar state. Mom thought Texas was called the longhorn state, its not its lonestar state...
Anyways its getting chilly here and I am off to bed.
Aloha everyone

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Surprise, Surprise!!

So last Wednesday there was a knock at the door and could you believe my mom was standing there!! She and Dan totally had been talking about it for a month or so and pulled it off without me knowing it. Nice work guys!! It has been nice having her here to celebrate my birthday with me and she has gotten some great pics of Melia!! She LOVES her little granddaughter so much and has been having a ton of fun with her. We went out to eat at Cafe Pesto last night...yummy! It has been pretty rainy since Grandma has been here...too bad. But the best present of all is that Melia starting to nurse again! I don't want to jinx it but many of you know that Melia went on a nursing strike and it was very sad for me and SO frustrating. I didnt want to give up on nursing so we hung in there and she seems to be coming around. I take it day by day though. She is smiling so much now and yesterday she was talking to me. She would imitate my cute!! She is 2 months!! That went by fast. Hope everyone is having a great week end. Click on the link to see the latest greatest pics of my little Peanut.
Link to our pics

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Melia is gone!!!

Today was a very exciting day for us in the Miller home. Around noon we just finished lunch and we noticed that Melia was no longer in her crib where we put her to sleep,

We were so worried about her, so we looked in her closet to see if she was hiding among the clothes.

We never saw her there either but as we were leaving her room we heard some rustling among the shower in the cats bathroom. We pulled aside the shower curtain, but no Melia. We looked in the weight room and she wasnt on the eliptical machine, or on the weight bench,
So we looked in her car, no Melia

She wasn't with the cats, where was she...
All along she was waiting on her changing table for a new diaper!!! What a silly daughter we have! Oh the places children hide...

Friday, April 13, 2007

Random Fun

I haven't put up pics in awhile so I thought I would post some random pics. Melia is loving her mobile and I know these are blurry but it is so hard to get her smiling b/c she is so squirmy that I cannot get a good pic. She loves to watch her mobile and she will coo and smile and kick her little legs in excitement. She really loves it when Mommy winds it back up. That seems to really be fun for her! Oh and the onsie that says I listen to Led Zeppelin with Daddy is Dan's fav outfit for her...of course. She is such a happy little girl and we have so much fun with her!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter! Melia had a good first Easter. She got to sit with the Easter bunny and we dyed eggs last night but Daddy had to find them today b/c she fell asleep right before the big hunt! We had a nice family day and Dan cooked a roast for dinner and it was SO good! Melia was very happy today and was so much fun to play with. She wore her Easter dress just long enough for me to get some pics before spitting up all over it!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Giggling Melia

Melia has a question

I know...I know I post pics everyday but that's okay b/c you all love it! Melia seems to be getting ready for good manners in school already b/c she likes to raise her hand all the time especially in her sleep. All of a sudden her arm will go up and stay there like she has a question. Sometimes, if we don't answer it right away, the arm will stay raised for quite awhile. If she is asleep the hand usually finds its way to her head where it will stay the remainder of her sleep. If she is awake she will just raise it and hold it there for a bit while we are trying to find the answer. Too cute!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Cat Walk and Play time

Our cat Kai longs to be outside and is alwas meowing at the door or windows at the cats outisde so we decided to take him on a walk to see how he liked it. He loved it but Mailo was freaking out and started crying so loud when Kai was gone. It was pretty funny. But then when we opened the door later Kai runs outside and punks Dan out by running away from him in front of the outdoor cats to show off his toughness. After awhile Dan had to lure Kai in with some tuna. Melia has started to smile....not sure if it is really at us or just smiling but I am thinking soon she will smile b/c she see us! But she will get very happy and start to coo when I am playing with her. I love those times of the day.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Fools Day

As spring break comes to a close this April weekend, we have to pause and reflect the weekend that has brought us so many wonderful memories and bread, as well as the low points of being sick and tired of being sick and tired.

This week was spring break at University so I got to stay home more and get more work done than usual. Having almost finished a big painting job I decided to take the girls over to kona. We stopped in Waimea for a doc appointment where Melia weighed in at 8-5 with a 2 inch growth in height. Happy at her progress we drove down into Kailua-kona for a treat. We went to the bike shop first where I picked up my broken frame that has been sitting alone for 4 months not getting fixed. Here is a picture of the parking lot.

Next we headed over to Ali'i drive where we stopped in at a cool childrens clothing store to find Potatoes a birthday present. we also stopped by the Walters shop to say hello and show them Melia. Afterwards we decided to go get some dinner at Outback Steakhouse. mmmmm... We both got the outback special (steak, side, salad) and diet coke. we watched the sun set out over the ocean, then treated ourselves to some dairy queen soft serve, and watched some beach volleyball. After dinner we headed over to Walters house to hang out for a while and pick up Melia's presents from Cheryl, Tiffany, and Devany.

We piled back into the car and drove home.

Friday we went into the Mall and walked around trying out the old Baby Bjorn. Melia slept in it against my chest and we walked around the mall while Robyn got her toes done at the nail place. We had a good time and finished off the night with a nice Pizza at Cafe Pesto.

Saturday I went on my bike ride later in the day and we got another movie at Blockbuster in the eve.

Sunday after watching some conference Melia fell asleep on my chest and then we caught her smiling a bit. we went on a nice sunday drive down to Kalapana. Our first stop was at mackenzie park.

There were all these Hippies there playing frisbee golf. Now the day is winding down and we are just sitting around the living room talking and hanging out, oh yea and Melia just pee'd all over Robyn !!!

Kai also found this plastic bag on the kitchen table and decided it would be a fun place to take a sunday nap.