Tuesday, December 30, 2008


We had an awesome Christmas even though we missed all our family! This was after all the presents were opened and played with and it was time for a rest. I, of course, put these in the wrong order. I always do that. I am in a rush putting these up as we are about to head out to the Sea Life Park but if I don't do it now I never will!! So not a lot of writing but tons of pics!! Thanks to everyone for all the wonderful gifts for the kids and for us. And oh, sis...you are crazy for getting Mike a car for xmas and you rock!!

Melia got an umbrella from Santa who got it from Grandma. She loves it and turns the water on outside full blast so she can use it. She was so cute when she walked downstairs and saw all her Santa gifts out. She looked a little confused at first then she kept looking at us saying Mine like we might take them away or something.

Kisses to her meow meow.

And for the best surprise! Santa left a trampoline! Melia walked outside and said "Oh cool! Where the ball balls go?" Last May she jumped on a friend's trampoline that had a ton of balls on it. Amazing memory as it took me a second to understand what she was talking about.

Thanks for Rosie, the train, Nashie!!

It was such a fun morning and I can't wait until next Christmas!

Melia really got into unwrapping presents and handing them out.

Santa left a mini piano and awesome drum. Why did Santa leave so many noisemakers I am now wondering??

Christmas Eve..leaving the cookies out for Santa.

We got matching pajamas for the kids. So cute!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Eve Party

We were invited to a Christmas Eve party and this is Melia getting all hyped up for it.
Santa arrived after a few hours and had a present for each othe kids. Melia got a little kitty that meows so she was so thrilled about that.
Isn't Troy so cute? His first time on Santa's lap!
Troy is like "Who the heck are you?" Melia just wants into her present. It was a lot of fun and I have a ton of xmas eve pics and xmas day pics to post. Hope everyone had a great Christmas! I posted some pics of xmas eve day below...
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Christmas Eve Day

We went to Ko olina xmas eve day. It was a beautiful day and we spent most of it at lagoon 3 which is where many tourists at the resort go but we pretty much had it all to ourselves.

Melia working on her tan...

I love where we live!

Posted by PicasaMelia loves the water as you can see. We had a perfect day.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Back again...

I haven't blogged in awhile and both kids are sleeping so I thought I should at least post some pics. Things have been pretty good. It is good to have Dan home even though he has to study most of the day. Melia and I have been going to the beach in the morning in between Troy's feedings. Lucky for me I didn't have to get him on a routine...he just eats every 3 hours or so. So it works out pretty well for getting out of the house.
Troy's fav thing to do besides eat...sleep!
I love this face! I have a lot I want to write about but I am way too tired so I will try to get back on and write later. Dan is hovering over me telling me to take a nap which I need to do.
Looking cool....
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Friday, December 05, 2008

Santa Baby

Upon request I am posting some face shots of my sweet Troy. It has been a really great first week with him!! He is an awesome sleeper. He sleeps for a 5 hour stretch at night going to sleep from about 8 30 p.m. to 10 p.m., wakes up 5 to 5.5 hours later nurses then goes back to sleep! He is already on his own little 3 hour nursing schedule during the day, too. Melia is still being super sweet with him. Anytime she hears him cry when he is waking up from his nap she runs upstairs to get "my baby." Yesterday Nana and I took the kids to Ala Moana Mall downtown to look around and do some Xmas shopping. Melia sat on Santa's lap and it was hilarious. She got so stiff and would not make eye contact with him at all. She was just trying to keep focus on something else. Troy slept in Nana's arms the whole time and was approached by about 20 Japanese ladies who just wanted to stare at him. They love little light haired kids, I think. Anyway it was fun to get out and even though Melia is not a shopper she did great at the mall. Nana leaves today and we will miss her tons!! Thanks for all the help! I thought this last week was pretty easy but now that I will be alone that could all change!!
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