Tuesday, December 30, 2008


We had an awesome Christmas even though we missed all our family! This was after all the presents were opened and played with and it was time for a rest. I, of course, put these in the wrong order. I always do that. I am in a rush putting these up as we are about to head out to the Sea Life Park but if I don't do it now I never will!! So not a lot of writing but tons of pics!! Thanks to everyone for all the wonderful gifts for the kids and for us. And oh, sis...you are crazy for getting Mike a car for xmas and you rock!!

Melia got an umbrella from Santa who got it from Grandma. She loves it and turns the water on outside full blast so she can use it. She was so cute when she walked downstairs and saw all her Santa gifts out. She looked a little confused at first then she kept looking at us saying Mine like we might take them away or something.

Kisses to her meow meow.

And for the best surprise! Santa left a trampoline! Melia walked outside and said "Oh cool! Where the ball balls go?" Last May she jumped on a friend's trampoline that had a ton of balls on it. Amazing memory as it took me a second to understand what she was talking about.

Thanks for Rosie, the train, Nashie!!

It was such a fun morning and I can't wait until next Christmas!

Melia really got into unwrapping presents and handing them out.

Santa left a mini piano and awesome drum. Why did Santa leave so many noisemakers I am now wondering??

Christmas Eve..leaving the cookies out for Santa.

We got matching pajamas for the kids. So cute!


Grandma Frisby said...

Pictures and posts . . . still none of mommy!!!! :( Are you waiting to lose the two pounds you gained? Ha Ha REALLY darling Christmas snapshots! LOVE the matching "green" pjs! Your "fav" color!!

Grandma Frisby said...

Glad Melia loved the umbrella with the kitty!! And the drums, piano, trampoline - a ROCK STAR in the making!! I immediately recognized "Rosie" - Yea, Nash!

Troy - you are a bundle of love!!!

Nana said...

looks like you guys had a fun morning!!d
we missed you in Kingston, hopefully we can all be together next Christmas!!

Proud Momma said...

Did you guys get a trampoline? What a cute bunch...we missed you this Christmas too:(
That is a sweet picture of Daddy with his two munchkins!

jeni32481 said...

i wish santa was that good to me. What great pictures you post Robyn keep up the good work.

Carol Ann Saldana (Zoe's mom) said...

Melia is absolutely beautiful. I can't believe how much she changed since I last saw her (okay it has been about 10 months, but still!)!