Sunday, January 25, 2009

Smiles and Cereal

I decided to post a ton of pics since I can't seem to get around to blogging but maybe once a week. This past week was a fun one. I took the kids to the beach almost every evening. I just strapped Troy into the Bjorn and ran around with Melia in the sand. We saw some beautiful sunsets. Troy is 2 months tomorrow and is the happiest little boy!!
I love his face!! He smiles and coos so much. He is still sleeping great. He sleeps roughly 12 hours every night getting up twice to nurse but falling right back to sleep. Melia, on the other hand, is waking everybody up! She has a daybed now and it has been tough with her coming in every few hours at all hours of the night "where'd my dee dee (binky) go, Mommy?" Hmmm...Melia I don't know go back to bed!!!! She has awakened Troy a few times and a few times we have found her downstairs looking for us. Last night was better so hopefully the novelty of leaving her room will wear off soon.
This is what I found after being upstairs for a few minutes to change Troy. Melia equally portioned out Cheerios into about 10 bowls and out the lids on them. Dan was very happy to hear this as he hates pouring his own cereal!
Hanging out watching a movie...
Ok Karyn this looks just like you!!! hahahaha Doesn't it? The ol' side stare!
Melia has finally let us put barrettes in her hair! I am so happy about this as her bangs just hang in her face and it has been bugging me. I think she looks so adorable.
My sweetie!
Troy loves to coo at the animals hanging down from his floor mat. So sweet. I could watch him do this all day!
So serious...
Sleepy boy... Troy has been sleeping in our room in his bassinet. Well the other night our fire alarm starts beeping very loud. So Dan goes down to the garage and gets some batteries. We think the batteries might be low causing this. So we carefully move the dresser over and he climbs up and changes the batteries. Troy remains asleep. So about an hour later we are awakened again by loud beeps. Dan jumps up on the dresser as I am whispering loudly "Rip it down!!" He takes it down and it starts beeping even louder in his hands! So he shoves in under his shirt and leaps off the dresser like a cat then races down the stairs and out the backdoor!! hahaha Anything to keep the baby asleep, right?? Well Troy woke up anyway but nice effort, Dan!!
Grandma Frisby is coming out this Thurs. We can't wait to see you! Then Aunt Kiki, Mike and Nash are coming Fri for a week. We are so excited. We hope this week goes by fast!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Froggers and Peanut

Wassup! Just hanging out...he likes his own space at times.
See, Grandma? Mommy does dress me in cute clothes!!
Melia gets a little messy with her cottage cheese. Yesterday was Dan's first day back at school. The kids and I had an alright day. Nothing too exciting.

I got this floor mat out for Troy and of course Melia was instantly "Mine!" But now she says Baby's Night. She thinks it is for sleeping. Anything used for sleeping is a night. So she wanted to hang out with him on the mat. He seemed to really like it until Melia got too pushy.

Melia was trying to show him all the different things hanging from it. I think Troy was just thinking "Watch her, Mommy!" It was cute to see them together like that. Today Melia had gymnastics and it was so fun. She had a blast.

Troy loves tummy time and has rolled over onto his back about 5 times now. He does a push up and then off he goes. He can hold his head up for quite a while and the little guy scoots himself. His little legs started kicking and he starts scooting across the floor. Oh his nickname is Froggers b/c his little legs always go up like little frog legs.

He is growing so much faster than Melia did weight wise. It doesn't really seem like it but he is fitting his clothes nice and snug. Melia had a rough night last night. I think she had a dream she lost her binky or something b/c she woke up crying for her binky even though she had it and it took awhile to calm her down plus she woke Troy up who let me know he wasn't happy about it. So I am pretty tired!!

My sweet boy!!! After he nurses he has his happy time where he coos and smiles at me. I LOVE it!!

Friday, January 09, 2009

Get back in your bed!!!!

This post is all about my little girl who is growing up too fast. She finally lets us put her hair into little ponytails and likes when we brush it where as just a month ago we couldn't get near her hair. She loves to look at herself in the mirror. It's so cute.
Cute Melia! So here are some new things Melia is saying. Big truck, old milk, new milk, pizza, pease (please) mommy, Kiki, Mike, Brian, Jeni, Tay Tay, Mommy's house, where'd mommy go? big ball, big star, moon, pee pee, poo poo, chee (cheese), my bike, got it, diet coke (Nana can you explain that one??), Mine and no which are not my favs since they are said the most, yeah... She answers me yeah now. I can't htink of the others but she is saying more and more and she tries to repeat what you ask her to.
What a sweet face, right? This sweet face gets into so much mischief. Yesterday evening Dan and I were outside and Troy was also outside in his swing. We are standing in the corner of the yard and I look over to the front door and see someone standing over Troy. Who is that?? I yell "Hey!" and start running over. Yes, of course it is Melia but it doesn't register b/c she was up in her room napping!! So yes she climbed out of her crib and walked downstairs to come find us. I laugh about it at first until bedtime when it is not so funny. I put her down to bed last night and I hear her door creak open. I see her little arm stick out and say "More milk!" I open the door and she runs back inside to her bed. So after I get her more milk that is the last time we hear from her until 2 a.m. when she is walking down the hall and then at 7:30 this a.m. when she is up. So as I have been typing all of this Melia has been down for a nap for the last 1.5 hours and gotten out of her crib at least 10 times. This last time Dan went in she was on her change table wiping her bum with wipes which is covered in poop. Lovely. She is trying to change herself. Time to potty train, I think. Her dirty diaper was on the ground. Should I just change her crib into a daybed 'cause it can or just leave it as a crib? Any advice? Sis, should I get that tent? ha ha Maybe you should!!
What's his is hers....Melia loves to go night night in Troy's bassinet which has been downstairs. She doesn't really go to sleep but she likes ti pretend. Oh when I tell her it is time for a nap she says "No night night Mommy!" Aahh...and then there is Troy. My sweet little boy is such a calm little guy and a great sleeper. He is sound asleep in his room right now...too bad his sister isn't. I didn't realize how great I had it until today when her awesome naps turned into this. Well I hope everyone has had a great week. this was Dan's last week off so he is back to school Monday. Melia started gymnastics class twice a week and she likes it. I love it b/c it is a real studio not like a little playtime place for kids. Her teacher is Coach Utah...that's his first name. Utah. He is nice. Ok gotta go put Melia down for the 80th time. AAAHHH!!
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