Wednesday, April 30, 2008


So here is a funny story....the week after my race in Cali I noticed I was a bit emotional over silly things. Some sad stuff happened while out in Cali so I figured it must be that. So the night I get home from Cali I am trying to find my heartrate monitor and can't anywhere. I immediately blame Dan (of course!) and then throw things at him, storm off into the spare bedroom, throw myself down on the bed and start crying my eyes out! I finally stop and think Hmm..that was weird. So at this point my period was 2 weeks late but I wasn't thinking anything of it due to the fact I have never had a regular one. But I think I better take a prego test just to rule it out. Dan and I are both thinking there is no way I am prego b/c we were not going to try until next year and we took every precaution and safety measure to not get prego. Well on my way to the gym I stop and get a test and take it at the gym. PREGNANT is what is says to me!! I just stared at it. So I call Dan caying my eyes out again. I am shocked and sad to say I was not that happy at the moment. So then I call my sis crying telling her "I am freaking out!" Freaking out about what?? I actually did that half ironman pregnant and dehydrated and I still beat my personal best time by thirty five minutes! Sorry little baby! Anyway, I am 9 weeks pregnant and I couldn't be happier!! I am so excited! My doc originally gave me the ok to do my race in Hawaii but after my ultrasound and some findings in that I was told a few days ago not to and to cut back on my running volume until my first trimester is over. So that's cool. I can still go watch Dan kick some butt in Hawaii! The due date is December 2nd! I am thrilled that Melia will have a little sibling to stay busy with. :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Flower girl

Ok I just had to blog these pics b/c I love them and I love her little outfit. I love dressing my little girl!! It is so fun. Sis, you have to have a girl next! ha ha! I took Melia to the zoo today so we could get out of the house so Dan could work on tiling the kitchen floor. It was over 90 degrees today! Super hot and muggy too. Yuck! So the zoo was fun. They have so many places for little kids to play. There is this "river" they can play in and splash around in. This was our first time there so I didn't bring her bathing suit but of course I let her go in anyway. There is a sandy beach too with little waterfalls going into the river. It was really fun and I can't wait to take her back. We played in the toddler park, too. Also the petting zoo but there were only goats. Melia had fun pettting them and she found the bucket with the goat brushes. So after banging the goats' head with the brushes she decided to take all the brushes out then out all of them back in...and repeat. A goat came up and picked a brush up in his mouth and she did not like that at all. She ripped it right out of his mouth. Silly thing. I have a few pics I will post later but my battery in my camera died shortly after getting there. But it was a fun day. Hope everyone else had a good day!

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Melia decided to strike a few poses for me the other day while eating lunch. She was having a stretch between bites. Nice, Melia.
Work the camera!
Lovin the profile!
There's my happy girl!!
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Monday, April 21, 2008


Ok so I just wanted to put this up for Lynne. Well and everyone else. In the last blog I had no idea what I was talking about with the frame. Well Lynne gave me a framed tapa cloth which was made for her in Fiji. It is a bark cloth. This wonderful sweet lady named Lima gave her two and one she made a journal out of for me which I still use by the way. So this is what one might look like. I guess in Fiji it is called masi. It is made all over the Pacific Islands and is quite a process. Anyway it was a nice surprise to see it all beautiful and framed! Thanks so much!!

Random pics

Here is Melia's fav place to sit lately while in the kithen. She will just walk up and open the door and take a seat. She, of course, is usually busy putting things in there and then taking them out. That day it was energy bars. Very busy little girl. I think she is feeling better but she did throw up twice today. I think her belly shrunk and she tried to eat a little too much for breakfast!
Not too much going on around here to report on. My b'day was yesterday and we had a fun family day. Dan and I went out Sat night for some yummy Italian food. Good thing we had trained for 5 hours that day so b/c we were total pigs! It was so good! It was nice to go out with Dan. We hadn't had a date in a long time. I want to thank everyone for all the birthday wishes, too! Thanks, sis, for the awesome flowers! They were such a surprise and really brightened up my day. Melia says Thanks for balloon Aunt Kiki!! Thanks Libby for the SWEET books! I have been looking through them everyday!! And Jeni you actually got it right!! And thanks to M2 for the special, awesome frame of ?? Wait I still am not srue what they called it there in Fiji? I better find that out! Thanks for the nice text Mom! I had some more b'day goodies by the front door today from friends from church. Really sweet. Well anyway it was fun and the best part about it was being with my family! Oh oops...Thanks Dan for the flowers and card and gifts!! Love you!!
Melia got to share in the b'day festivites. She loved the fruit part of the cake!!
My b'day cake! It was very yummy and I think Dan ate the whole thing later that night!!
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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Robyn!

Happy birthday Robyn.

Here are some famous people that you share your b=day with:

Joey Lawrence, Carmen Electra, Don Mattingly, Luther Vandross, Jessica Lange, and Adolf Hitler. (Tomorow is Tony Danza and the Queen of England).

So I hope you day is a happy one.

Melia and I love you!!!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

sick family

Well Today all three of us woke up sick! I (dan) had an upset stomach and really bad headache. Robyn has a stomach ache and Melia threw up twice so far today! Robyn is getting her some pedia lite now and hopefully she can get some hydration from it and feel a little better. I am hopefully going to be able to work on our kitchen floor today.
We have a ton of tile sitting in the garage that I plan on installing in our house this week. but its taken us forever to get it from the tile guy that who knows when I will have time now. But it looks really nice and will be a great addition to the house. It is Egyptian tile that I got at over half off because I have given the tile guy so much work in the past 6 months. normally 7.50 a sqft I got it for under 2! how is that for a deal.
Last night we were starving so I rode down to the Gelato place and got a pint of fat free, sugar free chocolate and Robyn and I ate it up while we watched american idol. Well she ate that I had full sugar, full fat creme flavored gelato....:(
I am pretty sure that is why I woke up feeling sick, but I dont know about the girls.
Yesterday I ran for an hour for the first time since San Diego. It was harder than I thought it would be and my foot hurts really bad now. Robyn has stayed on with her training so perfectly and she is definetely a training racing machine! by the way I have been logging results, and training stuff on our other blog if anyone is interested... ;)
Well I have no pictures to post of today but I thought we needed some text since the last 20 blog entries are all pics.
Later everyone!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Small spaces

The other morning while eating breakfast Melia and I watched Keesa climb into this little basket and curl up. So Melia decided she should do the same!
A perfect fit??
Not you can see she wasn't happy with the roll out but those of you who know my girl she attempted getting back into the basket many, many more times!!
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My silly girl

Melia found some nursing pads that had been left in the side pocket of the glider so she decided they all must come out so she got right to work on removing them all.
Keesa needed a better view of the mess Melia was making!
Getting the last few out...
Just a little further...almost got them all!
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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

More park pics

Melia would pcik up the rocks and throw them. I think she was trying to imitate Daddy who was skipping them.
I love watching her explore and learn new things and discover new things. It is so fun!

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Sunday at the park

This past Sunday was a warm one so we headed out to check out the state park not too far away. It was really cool. We didn't know the Guadalupe ran through it.
Here is Melia taking off for the water!

She was having a blast splashing her little feet in the water.
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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Fun with Daddy

I love these pics of Melia and with Daddy. He was throwing his head back over and over and she would do the same and just laugh and laugh! It was so cute!
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Chair pics

Well Melia had a sweet reunion with her fav chair when we got back from Cali. She loves this chair Nana got her. She also loves Dan's flip flops. She has to put them in her chair as well. She has such funny little things she does. I love all of them!

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Monday, April 07, 2008

Story time

This was the last night Melia and I were at my sis's. They were both fussing over the book so she had them take turns pushing the buttons. Nice one!
Melia's turn...
Now Nash's turn....
Nash likes to move it, move it! Nash loves to dance!
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Posted by PicasaI don't have many pics of Disney b/c I was too busy enjoying everything! It was so much fun, though. I loved watching the kids' faces on the rides. Melia loved the Pooh ride and Nemo although I didn't get on that one. Thanks, Nana! I can't wait to go back next year!