Monday, August 25, 2008

Waimea Bay

These are a week old from our trip up to North Shore last Monday. It is called Waimea Bay and it is beautiful. The water is so crystal clear. It reminds me of Fiji. It is only 30 minutes from our house..better than the almost 2 hour drive we had to take to get to Hapuna Beach from our house on the Big Island!!
Melia making her way down to the water. She is so used to Ko Olina having no waves that it was hard to keep her from going into the water too far. The waves up here are pretty powerful to a little 18 month old but she didn't care! She loves when we let her "ride" a wave in. They aren't huge or even big but to her I thought they might be. And actually in these pics the water looks completely still, doesn't it? Hmmm...well anyway it was fun.
Melia turned 18 months yesterday! I can't believe she is already 18 mos. Time flies by when you are moving every few months! HA! I am now 26 weeks pregnant and feeling good. Still running and swimming and all that which makes me feel so much better. Oh and I get nightly foot massages from Dan! Thanks, baby!!
Dan started his first day of school today. Over the week end we went back to school shopping and got him some pencils, pens, binders, and erasers. We got him a few new t shirts too. Oh and a cool new backpack! He was all set this morning after I made him a sack lunch! Actually he found a lunchbox with Michael Phelps on it so he brought that instead. Melia and I were so proud of him as we watched him head off to school! Ok seriously though I am very proud of him for going back to school. We went to the Ko Olina yesterday evening and this evening. It was awesome. We watched the sunset and Melia waved bye bye to the sun as the ocean swallowed it up. Hope everyone is having a good week so far!!
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Saturday, August 23, 2008


Last week end we headed up to North Shore and on our way we stopped in at the Dole Plantation. It was pretty cool. We attempted getting through the largest maze in the world but all Melia wanted to do was pick up rocks so we had to ditch the maze early so we could make it to the beach!

There is a little train that goes around the plantation. This was Melia waiting. We actually ended up selling our train tickets to some tourists b/c I didn't bring any diapers and Melia had a really dirty one! I don't have any pictures of North Shore. We were at Shark's Cove and Sunset. We made our way to Pipeline too. Melia had fun playing in the big waves...yes dan was holding on to her. She is not afraid of them which is great but I wish she would respect them. After the water romp we played in the sand and Melia was diving in the sand all over the place. It was a fun day!! Sorry I am so late blogging. I have more pics from last Monday at Waimea Bay up at North Shore. I will post them soon too!
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Riding with Melia

We got this little seat for Melia a few weeks ago and she loved it. But sadly this was her only ride. We returned it the next day b/c it doesn't fit on my mountain bike which is why we got it. Don't you love the helmet that's too big!
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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More beach

Enjoy the pics....I posted 2 other entries first so scroll down to see all of them!! I will post some of our house and stuff too!

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Ko Olina

This is Ko Olina. It is a beach resort about 10 or 15 min from our house. There are 4 lagoons and we always go to the 4th b/c there is nobody there in the morning. It is perfect for little kids as it is protected...there is a net in the opening by those rocks so nothing dangerous can swim in and I dont have to worry about a big wave taking Melia out to the open ocean...major plus!
I think Melia is the happiest when she is here at the water. She has her little backpack of toys she likes to carry down and when she is ready to go she packs them all back in. She really is an awesome beach girl. Loves the sand and loves to run down the beach and jump right into the water!
Going down to the water with Daddy...
This was yesterday and we had it all to ourselves pretty much. Our routine has been to go right after breakfast. I love starting my day out here! I posted some cute random shots of Melia down below too!
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Random shots...

Ok I promise I will post beach pics and neighborhood but in the meantime here are some cute shots of Melia. here is she was digging into some lunch. I love that the beach gives her such an appetite!
She knows how to turn the hose on... she can take a sip when she is thirsty!
Melia LOVES to help Daddy do things around the house. She helped him take this padding out of the plastic, throw the plastic away and hold the padding down while he cut it. It is so cute!
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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Aloha everybody! We are in Hawaii...we have been here for a few weeks now and it is so awesome to be back. I am going to post pics of our neighborhood and house and beach and all that tomorrow but thought I would just put these up first. We went to San Diego for a week before heading out to Oahu and it was so much fun! Melia loved being at Grandma's. She was caught picking and eating grapes in the backyard in these pics. We went to the aquarium, awesome parks by the bay, Nash's house (they loved seeing each other!) Souplantation! was a lot of fun to be there.
Looks like she is picking the rose in this one!
Well our neighborhood is beautiful...nothing like our place in Pahoa for those of you who visited us there. I think you would love it way more here! We are right next to some awesome beautiful beaches. Melia and I go to the beach first thing every morning and sometimes back to another one in the afternoon! I will post pics of them tomorrow. Melia loves the water...she runs downt he beach and jumps right in the water!!
This is a sunset pic I got from the backyard the other night. They have been looking like this every night. I love being here. I feel at home now. I think Melia does too! Ok well I will write more tomorrow and post more!
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