Saturday, August 23, 2008


Last week end we headed up to North Shore and on our way we stopped in at the Dole Plantation. It was pretty cool. We attempted getting through the largest maze in the world but all Melia wanted to do was pick up rocks so we had to ditch the maze early so we could make it to the beach!

There is a little train that goes around the plantation. This was Melia waiting. We actually ended up selling our train tickets to some tourists b/c I didn't bring any diapers and Melia had a really dirty one! I don't have any pictures of North Shore. We were at Shark's Cove and Sunset. We made our way to Pipeline too. Melia had fun playing in the big waves...yes dan was holding on to her. She is not afraid of them which is great but I wish she would respect them. After the water romp we played in the sand and Melia was diving in the sand all over the place. It was a fun day!! Sorry I am so late blogging. I have more pics from last Monday at Waimea Bay up at North Shore. I will post them soon too!
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Nana said...

100 days to go! Wow it is coming fast! I love Melia's crocks. Can she put them on by herself?

Grandma Frisby said...

Love the blog's new look . . . definitely a Hawaiian feel!! Nice pictures of Dole's entrance. Melia waiting for the train is priceless . . . it looks like a staged pose, and we know that's not possible - Melia is one active little girl!!

thepalmierifamily said...

Oh man do I know how it goes with not being to do what you thought you would because the kiddie can't hold still or wants to do something else. Guess who we saw the other day? Elder Duff and his wife. He's still a red head through and through.