Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kiddos update starting with Melia!

Ah my Melia!! She also gets into everything! Troy takes a very long morning nap so we have to find different games to play during those 3 hours. This day she was stacking the paper towels then she would run at full speed and smash them down. She is a stacker or a rower...meaning she loves to line things up in rows. I usually find rolls upon rolls of toilet paper lined up all over the garage. I am happy to report that she only uses her binky at naptime or bedtime. I got so sick of the binky meltdowns. She is doing awesome, too. When she wakes up she walks downstairs and puts it in her binky drawer. I then go and hide it in another drawer as she will go back and try to sneak it out later. But I am loving how much she talks now...ALL DAY! Once that binky was gone she just goes on and on all day. I love talking with her. A few weeks ago she and I were playing outside in the backyard. She came up to me and rubbed my leg and said "Mommy I'm happy." My heart melted. She then said "Mommy I love you." My heart melted again.
She is actually getting interested in food now. After 2 years she realized it is actually pretty good. ha ha Loves her olives but only if she sticks them on all her fingers first. She snacks on green beans and loves egg whites...She has also been practicing her acting. Kiki she takes after you in this department. So the other day we were just chillin' while Troy was napping. She ran down the hall and was all excited then she hung her head down and said Oh Mommy I am so sad. She then came over and put her head down on me. I was all concerned like What's wrong? Well then she ran off excited again only to do the sad face again. She did this over and over and I realized she was just working on her fake state of sadness. Well the other evening Melia ran into my glass top table with her shopping cart smashing the glass on the floor. I was quite upset and she got scolded and she was very upset when her shopping cart was put outside. Well Daddy comes home a little later and I tell him the story of the smashed glass. He asks Melia if that was what happened and she hing her head and said "Yes Daddy and I am so sad it is broken." Dan actually looks at me and says Robyn, ake it easy on her ok. She feels really bad about what she did. Look how sad she is." I start laughing and walk inside. Melia's self acting lessons paid off wouldn't you say?
Melia loves Troy...she thinks. ha ha No she does but she also doesn't like how he likes to also play with toys. Her toys. So she will hide all her toys away. But she likes to sit next to him and likes to give him hugs and kisses. She also likes to block him while he climbs up the stairs. He will do the splits on the stair he is about to climb up. Let me say she is flexible!! If he gets over her she jumps up and does the splits on the next one. Yes she repeats this on each step. She does this to me, too, if she doesn't want me to go up or down the stairs. So funny but I think she will be a gymnast b/c her splits are perfect. Melia loves to have Troy laugh at her so she is constantly dancing, which she loves to do, or just being a clown for him. I love watching the 2 of them interact with each other.
Posted by PicasaMy beautiful girl. This is her spot at the counter. She has her chair she sits and watches her movie. Her fav right now is Shrek. She isn't into t.v. much at all. She just likes to watch her movie while eating. Now that she only gets her binky at sleep times she goes right to sleep at naptime or bedtime. I keep telling her she has to send her binky to the Binky Fairy soon but I am loving the easy sleeping so the Binky Fairy may have to wait. (Ok check out Troy's little post below, too)


Hello everyone. I took a little blog break there. Not really by my choice. I had to wait for my internet to get hooked up then my computer was so slow for awhile I couldn't do anything! Well it is still slow but Dan did some stuff to help move things along with it so now I am able to blog. I hope. So I thought I would do a little Troy update and then a Melia update. Troy is 8 mos old already! I can't believe that but I am sure I will be saying that every month. He is awesome...happiest little guy ever. He has 2 bottom teeth and I think he is getting 2 more bottoms as well. He can stand on his own for short periods of time and walks around while holding onto something like it's nobody's business. I think he might be walking by the time he is 9 months.

Yes he still has beautiful blue eyes. I love them. He is very vocal now, too. He says mama over and over and maybe it really isn't ma ma but that is exactly what it sounds like!! I want to make my blog into books every so often ( I love the ones you did for me Libby) so I am going to post more b/c the kids do something crazy or hilarious everyday and I want to at least write that down so they can read it later down the road.

His faces...He makes so many faces! I love how he has so much expression in that little face of his.

Troy gets into everything and I haven't gotten any locks for anything so out come all my pots and pans or anything he can reach. He loves loud noises, too. If I am using the blender or disposal he gets so excited and crawls over smiling and laughing. He then proceeds to stand up and do his little dance. I have so much fun with this little boy and I am happy to say the boy eats!! He loves his baby food and his all time fav is soft serve frozen yogurt. Eats it up! Loves graham crackers or any crackers really. Loves his bottle. Just loves to eat. And he is so curious about absolutely everything. He always wants to see waht happens if he pulls this or yanks that or what Melia is doing or what was that noise. I love you, Troy!

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