Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Monkey business

My little Monkey-wait that isn't Troy! Melia wanted to play dress up the other day and I had been telling her Troy's monkey costume wouldn't fit b/c it is for a baby and she is a big girl. Well Mommy isn't always right obviously b/c I think it fits perfect!
I am a little obsessed with those slender little legs of hers..lucky little girl.
So I may have told her that to be a monkey she must eat a banana...she had fun running around making monkey sounds
Side shot-beautiful tail. After a little bit she says "Ok this is too small. This is for a baby, Mommy. I am a big girl. I take it off." And that was that.
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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Running behind...

So where did the last few weeks go?? I always have the intention of blogging but...well Troy knows the button to push to turn the computer off so anytime I sit down..yep it's off. Annoying? Yes! So anyway..we had a nice Thanksgiving and of course Troy's b'day was that day, as well, so after we went to our neighbors' for dinner (no pumpkin pie?? WHAT? we had a little family celebration for Troy..

I honesly am not good with the whole put the pics in order and forget every single time that I need to really put them backwards to have them come out right..ok so not in order. We got that. So we are starting off at the end of the cake craziness...my son loves to eat..anything and everything. Did he eat his cake? Nope!

But he sure loved playing with it..

Mom! This is awesome!!

My little clown..

Ready to start..

Yeah I can hold my balloons up with my foot..

Grandma had these balloons delivered that morning..nice surprise!! Troy also got a cookie bouquet from Nana and Granddad but for some reason I couldn't find that pic but I will...

It was such a fun day and I have so many pics of the last few weeks as the kids and I have been going on "field trips" as Melia likes to call them. That's all I have the energy I have for this post..blogging can be tiring as this is the first time I have sat down all day!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


My sweet son Troy-I love you more than words can express. I am honored to be your mother and love every moment I spend with you. HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!! I can't believe my baby is 1. A year has really gone by?? Here is Troy doing what he does best-finding food! He loves to eat and I caught him under the chair the other day nibbling on Cheerios. He drops food from his tray just so he can have a snack when he gets down from his highchair. Good thinking, my boy. He is a very smart, handsome little guy who always has a smile on his face. He walks around laughing just to laugh. He is a joy to have and I just absolutely LOVE him!!

So I am wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and wishing my son, Troy, a wonderful Happy Birthday. Thanks for being just perfect.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Peacocks and Breakdancers

Hmm..ok well I am not good at posting pics in the order I have in mind. Oh well. There are tons of pics on this post. ...yes these are Halloween cookies. Surprisingly enough I do know how to bake. Grandma sent Melia some wicked awesome sprinkles so what did we do with them..we sprinkled..
Melia and I had tons of fun making cookies. This girl doesn't really like sweets but man she loved these sprinkled cookies. Ok seriously-I want her hair.

Don't you love when they are just that tired..

Random order...Nana enjoying Troy. Nana came a few weeks ago for a week. She had a blast with the kiddos. I love Troy's face in this one.

Troy warmed right up to Granddad. I can't believe Troy is a year old in a few weeks..Thanksgiving Day actually.

A peacock is on here why? Well this will start you off on the zoo pics...these are running around everywhere at the zoo..they can be mean, too. You have been warned..

Melia obviously thought it would be more fun to be in with the animals..

Why would she not push her own stroller? It is like the dogs you see walking themselves...leash in mouth...love this girl./

Work that sass!!

So sweet..

Getting annoyed are we?


She is definitely the funny little girl. She loves to make us laugh and she is quite good at being the little comedian. Karyn, remember when Grandma would call me a comedian? I thought it was some kind of monster and i would just nod and smile but really I was terrified. Sweet imagination! Wonder why I didnt just ask what it meant..

Love those pouty lips!

First thing she has anyone do...read books to her. Loves her books. After i read her 4 or 5 books for her nap or bedtime she re reads them to herself. She has such a good memory that she really can read them back. I listen to her on the monitor. Oh so real quick funny story..we were at the park yesterday and this quite plump little boy, Hayden was there. We have met him before. He tells me he is 3 and his dad is 5. Of course. Well this boy really is plump..like wow dude you could play NFL! So anyway he starts what I think having a seizure on the ground..oh what? You are breakdancing? Of course. So we all look on and that beautiful sight. Then Melia is climbing on something and he tells her "Don't do that! Stop! You are going to hurt your weiner!!" He tells her this a few times..I tell him"Oh sweetie she doesn't have a weiner. Melia is a girl." He thinks about this and says Oh well does he have a weiner? (pointing to Troy) I tell him yes. Hayden then grabs himself and says "I have a weiner. it's right here. It is my pee pee." Hmm..thanks Hayden and I don't think we should be having this conversation anymore. ha ha Anyway..kids are hilarious.


Umm...ok so I have been taking a sculpting class? As some of you may know I want to try out a figure competition. I am aiming for one this spring so we'll see what happens. I have a trainer named Erik who is now my main man. I love him. :) So I really didn't feel like putting these pics up but just in case I get horribly out of shape someday my kids can look back and say Wow Mom...why don't you look like that anymore? And that will motivate me to get in touch with Erik again!

Anyway...it is a lot of fun doing this kind of training and I am going this Friday to check out a competition to see what they are all about.

Pardon the goofy smiles...I HATE getting my picture taken but Erik wanted to see some pics as he hadn't seen me since we started about 5 months ago.

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Sunday, November 08, 2009


Halloween was a blast! The kids had so much fun. Nana and Granddad were in town so that was, of course, so good to have them here for the fun evening. Melia was so gracious and at the first few houses was putting candy into the candy bowl of the person handing out the candy. So sweet but when she did get it...bring on the candy! Oh pics are out of order and there are a lot but enjoy!
Happy with her candy! Time to put into piles which she had fun doing. She is all about sorting and color coordinating..

Mommy and her monkey. I must say Troy did awesome. He just took it all in

We met up with Melia's little friend Madyson. They did some trick or treating together but Melia seemed annoyed b/c Madyson was afraid of all the scary decorations.

Troy warmed right up to Granddad.

Setting off on our trick or treating adventure..

Umm..come on I am waiting..

Casting a spell...