Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cute pics by the beach

Here are some more cute pics by the beach of Melia and Daddy. I am trying to pack and blog at the same time so I don't have much time to write anything!

Waipio Valley

Dan and i sold the car this last Sunday so we needed to rent a car earlier than we thought. The only car they had for us was a HUmmer! SO we took into Waipio Valley to hit the beach there after church. It is so beautiful there. It reminded me of Fiji. Well Melia really loved playing in her baby tent by the water and hanging out watching the waves crash. It was an awesome day and I am so happy we finally had a vehicle to get us in and out of there!

More of the Valley

Saturday, May 26, 2007

I know my shapes...oh yes I do!

Aunt Karyn gave Melia a Baby Newton (made by Baby Einstein...Dan made me put that in there) dvd and she LOVES it! She sits in her bumboo chair and watches the whole thing with me all while cooing and laughing at it. I am now constantly singing the I know my shapes song...so is Dan when he rides. So we have been playing dress up with our little Peanut because everyone has given her such cute things we have to put her in different outfits a few times a day! Sorry about the water bottle in the background. I know some of you don't like that in the background...oops!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

You're looking for who??

SO yesterday I was nursing Melia looking out the window at two cop cars driving up and down our street like 3 or 4 times. I was thinking they are obviously looking for somebody b/c they were going very slowly. So then Dan comes home after a bike ride. He had driven up in his truck to the top of the hill to ride from there. So I notice one of the cops pulls into our driveway. I am thinking he is just turning around. Nope. He asks Dan to come over to his window. Let me backtrack a bit...it was raining when Dan left and he noticed two little girls running home. So he pulls up to them and asked them if they wanted to jump in the back and he could drive them up the street. They immediately yell NO! So back to the cop...he tells Dan he was reported by two girls...a strange man asking them to get into his truck! Apparently there is a guy in a truck trying to get girls in his truck at the school up the road. Anyway...I thought it was hilarious...poor Dan is all in his spandex walking over to the cop not knowing what was going on! They had been driving up and down our street looking for the truck with the bike in the back! Anyway..thought I would share that with ya!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

After the race Dan still had energy to change Melia and play with her a bit in the park. It was a beautiful day and Melia was so happy to see her Daddy after he finished. Also I put some pics up of our friend Jimmy's neighborhood. It was called Hawai'i Kai and it was a really beautiful area.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Daddy kicks butt!

Dan's Olympic distance tri was Sunday and he did AWESOME! We got to see him run out the water and take off on his bike. He was so fast in transition! Then we saw him ride in and go off on his run. The start and finish was at Ala Moana park and it was beautiful. I would hold Melia to let her watch everyone zooming by on their bikes and she would laugh and smile at them. I think she had the most fun at Daddy's race! I think she will be a triathlete! We were so proud of Daddy. He came in about a minute under his goals for the swim bike and run! He got 12th out of about 40 or so people! I wasn't able to get any pics of him coming out of the water or on his bike...he was just going too fast! This was kind of a training race b/c his big one is in 2 weeks! We can't wait to see him race again!

More of our Maui fun

Here are some more pics of our Maui trip. We had a lot of fun with Libby and Sean in Maui and Oahu. I think Melia is bored at home now! She was used to seeing so many new things. I am going to have to keep her pretty entertained now!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Maui Trip

Robyn, Melia and I are just hanging out on the grass at the Wailea resort. We love it here its kind of like Kona on the big island only there are way more tourists. Today we had a great game of tennis and went on some long walks. There are nice big sidewalks here. We just went over to the pool this evening and dipped in the water, then took some pics by this waterfall. Tomorow we leave for Oahu, and tonight we are just going to walk down to the Wailea shops for some dinner. Melia is having a great day and she really loves it here. Yesterday she had a horrible day. She was sick and cried and cried all day and most of the night. only after some baby tylenol and lots of love did she fall asleep. I think she just misses Hawaiian beaches and all the dogs and abandoned cars back home!! Unfortunately for her she has to hang out in nice resort communities with a/c and landscaped yards. Aloha everyone!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

La o na makuahine

The First thing we did today was paint the girls nails. Robyn got hers painted a metalic pink, both her toes and her hands. Melia wanted the same color so now they match! Arent those hands cute?

Next after our normal day was finished we packed up a cooler and I packed some extras in the car and tookt he ladies to Mauna Loa. Once we got there we rolled out our gear and had a fun evening on the mountain.

We barbequed Burgers, vegetables, shrimp, and turkey breast, as well as french fries. We started off the meal with blue organic corn chips (salt free) and some fresh Guac. (not as good as newbies). The meal was awesome. I used charcoal in the fireplace and wrapped everything up in tinfoil and through it in the coals till it was all cooked. A little trick I learned in boyscouts. After dinner we walked around the park a bit and enjoyed the quiet. Nobody was up there and the weather was a bit foul. One thing I loved about that place is that there are no frogs! you can actually enjoy nature without going deaf!!!
Well to all you mothers out there I hope you had a good day. We certainly did.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The stories that were never told.

It was dark and stormy day, the ships were out to sea. Prince Daniel girded himself up with the armor of spandex and lycra to head out on his journey to Mordor. He said goodbye to the common folk of the village and headed out on his quest. He was to pedal at 105 pedals per minute as he battled the torrential acid downpour, the swirling gusts of Haggard, and the disgusting putrid smell of Hippy land.
The women mourned his departure and hid themselves from the ever falling rain for fear that their skin would rot and fall to the ground only to be eaten by fowl and rats.

Knowing that he would only see his family again by defeating the terrible villains that awaited him he left at a break necking pace.
He flew down the black asphault and smote all evil that befell him untill the one glorious minute of the ride when he was awarded a break from his duties as a lycra knight. His journey is too long for this tale, but perhaps in the future you all will be lucky enough to read more of the journeys into the dark and wet roads of Mordor.

We also had some nice pictures at church with Grandma. Look how the girls look so handsome in their lavendar garb!

As you can see Robyn found Vanilla ice outside and walked with him for a while before he had to head back to Hollywood for some photo shoots.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Our Saturday

So yesterday was quite a busy day for us. We got a bumboo chair for Melia and she seems to like sitting in it. She is a very strong little girl. Daddy and Melia decided to watch Peter Pan together and to compare the size of their feet. Dan took us to Rainbow Falls and it was so beautiful. It is right in Hilo. Dan set up Peanut's pack n' play and she had some fun in there watching her teddy bear mobile. We went out to eat at Cafe Pesto then headed down to the beach to watch the waves then it was off to the airport to drop off Dan. He is in Utah for his Granddad's funeral. We miss him so much and wish we could be there with the whole family.

Day of Fun

This past week Melia and I went up to the pool to watch Daddy swim. He then went on a ride. He has been training very hard for his upcoming race and we are very proud of the time and effort he puts into it! We know you will do awesome! Daddy picked a beautiful flower for Melia to wear later that night and then she danced around in her robe after her bath after which she was so tired she fell asleep on Daddy's lap!