Thursday, May 10, 2007

The stories that were never told.

It was dark and stormy day, the ships were out to sea. Prince Daniel girded himself up with the armor of spandex and lycra to head out on his journey to Mordor. He said goodbye to the common folk of the village and headed out on his quest. He was to pedal at 105 pedals per minute as he battled the torrential acid downpour, the swirling gusts of Haggard, and the disgusting putrid smell of Hippy land.
The women mourned his departure and hid themselves from the ever falling rain for fear that their skin would rot and fall to the ground only to be eaten by fowl and rats.

Knowing that he would only see his family again by defeating the terrible villains that awaited him he left at a break necking pace.
He flew down the black asphault and smote all evil that befell him untill the one glorious minute of the ride when he was awarded a break from his duties as a lycra knight. His journey is too long for this tale, but perhaps in the future you all will be lucky enough to read more of the journeys into the dark and wet roads of Mordor.

We also had some nice pictures at church with Grandma. Look how the girls look so handsome in their lavendar garb!

As you can see Robyn found Vanilla ice outside and walked with him for a while before he had to head back to Hollywood for some photo shoots.


Action Robyn and Master Dan said... that how the story went that day? I recall it was quite rainy. Melia has grown so much just since those pics were taken with Grandma. Vanilla Ice was prety cool.

J B & N Rawlins said...

ice ice baby...

Nana said...

Think of how you'll miss the disgusting putrid smell of HippyLand, and the swirling gusts of Hagard.:) But fortunately you'll always have the lycra knight to tell you stories. Oh Melia, how I miss you. Our reunion will be sweet and much anticipated. (I'm not as good as Dan !!)

Mike Karyn & Nash said...

Ice Ice Baby!!!
Sweet Story!!

The RC Miller Clan said...

too funny daniel. i used to think vanilla ice was hot but i've grown up since then!! ha ha ha