Sunday, May 06, 2007

Our Saturday

So yesterday was quite a busy day for us. We got a bumboo chair for Melia and she seems to like sitting in it. She is a very strong little girl. Daddy and Melia decided to watch Peter Pan together and to compare the size of their feet. Dan took us to Rainbow Falls and it was so beautiful. It is right in Hilo. Dan set up Peanut's pack n' play and she had some fun in there watching her teddy bear mobile. We went out to eat at Cafe Pesto then headed down to the beach to watch the waves then it was off to the airport to drop off Dan. He is in Utah for his Granddad's funeral. We miss him so much and wish we could be there with the whole family.


Anonymous said...

I love that little peanut. I am in the airport in honolulu and I had to jump on the computer and check out the ol' pics!!! I love and miss you guys too!! see ya in a few hours.

J B & N Rawlins said...

Ya'll have alot of water bottle around!! haha she looks so cute in that chair - what a cute smile she has! I was so sad you weren't there in Utah robyn, I missed you! and so did newbie and newbette of course!

Nana said...

Hi Robyn,
We did miss you terribly. We jsut got home after 12 hours in the car , but I jsut had to see if there wre some cute pics of Melia on the blob. SO SWEET!! She is getting so big. I CAN"T wait to see her again. I was great to see Dan, and he missed you guys so much that he even shed tears on Monday night. Hopefully he's hoiome there with you by now. Let's talk tomorrow

Mike Karyn & Nash said...

She's getting so big. Robyn, remember that movie, Signs? With all those water bottles around I'm thinking about that movie.What's Up?
Kiss Peanut for me.