Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween carnival

Ok I blogged in the wrong order once again! Can someone tell me how to do the whole album thing?? Anyway I posted a lot of pics of Melia in her costume and trick or treating so make sure to scroll down to see them all! These pics were at a neighbors a few blocks over. They had a costume carnival in their backyard. It was so cool! Melia was fishing for a toy in this shot. They had all kinds of cool games and a table for making jewelry or something.
Cotton candy!!
Melia was about to play the milk bottle game. She threw the bean bags and knocked a few down for some candy. I hope the neighbors go all out for Christmas too b/c the houses were so decked out!
Her first and only bite of cotton candy. She wasn't into it but wouldn't let us hold it for her. She had to hold her extremely heavy pumpkin full of candy, her wand and her cotton candy. Tonight was so much fun and Melia had a blast! Dan, Melia, and I hope everyone had an awesome Halloween and we also wanted to say Happy Birthday to my sis Karyn...Aunt Kiki..which Melia now says. It is so cute!! Hope you had a great day you old thing!! ha ha
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Trick or Treat!

This was Melia's first stop. Her new thing is saying Oh cool. She would walk up to the homes with cool decorations and say Oh cool! It was so adorable. Instead of saying trick or treat she would knock and do the sign for more and some people actually knew what she meant!
She got braver and wanted to go up to the houses on her own of course. She was having so much fun!
She was walking around this lady's yard saying Cool or Oh cool pointing to all her cool decorations.
I LOVE this neighborhood! Everyone had the coolest decorations out and most people just sat outside handing out candy. They really went all out for Halloween.
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Melia Cadabby

Here is Melia getting right after gettting her costume on. She was Abbey Cadabby from Sesame Street. I didn't think she was going to keep it on at first b/c she kept tugging on it saying NO!! She only kept the "hair" on for a few pics!!
Discovering her magical wand...
Daddy dressed up as an African if anyone is wondering what he is wearing. It is some garb he got while in Africa. I think someone called him a leper while we were out and about. Hmmm...anyway Melia looked so adorable! I wish we could go trick or treating every night!
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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

All smiles

I love all of these pics of Melia. This was when Granddad arrived at the airport. I just love her smile!

Posted by PicasaPeek a boo!! I hope everyone has a great Halloween. Melia is going to be Abbey Caddabra. She is the fairy on Sesame Street...Elmo's best friend. I think she might also be a UH cheerleader. Dan brought home a little cheerleader outfit for Melia awhile ago so that might get her more candy around here!! We are going to a pumpkin patch tomorrow with our field trip pals so looking forward to that. I am almost done with Troy's room. I need to hang everything and out the glider in there. This rental house is great b/c all the rooms were perfectly painted. Melia's room is a pretty green that matches her new stuff and Troy's is like a sky blue. I can't believe October flew by already. I also can't believe our family will have 4 soon!!

Melia and her Granddad

I still have quite a few pics I want to post from the last few weeks but I LOVE these of Melia and her Granddad. She took to him immediately..well she was shy for maybe 30 minutes. But she was his little friend for the whole week in Kauai. It was so crazy to watch Melia do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING Granddad asked her to do!! If he asked her to lie down and take a nap she did!! She cuddled with him and sat in his lap...things she is not known to do. Who was this child??? So she calls Grandma Frisby Ga Ga and has now started calling Daddy Ga Ga and Granddad. Hmmm...I know she can say Daddy but Dan is Daddy no longer. She still calls Grandma Ga Ga when she sees her in a picture but I think it is just easier to say? I am still Mommy so I am cool with whatever she calls anybody else!! I am seriously so happy she got to spend a whole week with Granddad as she has never really spent time with him. She asked Where'd Ga Ga go? for a few days after he left. She asked about you too Nana!! Then she did "Ga Gone!" Melia knows some sign language and she loves to say all gone along with the sign for it but it comes out Ga Gone. It really is so cute and she picks up on everything. If someone sitting next to us on the plane finished their drink you would hear "Ga Gone!" with her little hands doing the motion. So she told me for a few days that Nana and Ga Ga were all gone. :( I have been practicing how to go trick or treating with her. Well she knows the sign for more and I realize she will be knocking on people's doors and just signing more so we'll see how that goes!! I want to wish Dan a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Big 29...Melia and I hope you are having a great day in the library!!

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Fun with Nana

Well I have a ton of pictures from our week with Nana here in Oahu and our week in Kauai also so I thought I better get to it finally. Nana came in for a week and it was so much fun! We went to the beach a few times and the aquarium which was pretty cool. We drove up to North Shore on the day it decides to pour all day but it was still cool to see BYU and the Temple. Melia had so much fun with her Nana...she still asks Where Nana go?? I am pretty tired and can't really think right now so I will blog more about our awesome week in Kauai tomorrow morning. All I will say is that Melia is not a Mommy's girl or even Daddy's girl...she is a total Granddad's girl!!

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What's been going on...

Melia got a raincoat the other week and she was trying it on the other day posing for us. Actually it rarely rains by our house but some of the places we go are rainy at times. It is POURING right now. Nana flew in last Sat and I am sad to say it has been odd weather. Cloudy and drizzly. But yeah right now it is pouring and we are going to head up to North Shore in a little bit so hopefully it will be sunny up there. So last Friday we went on field trip #3. We all met down at Ala Moana beach park and went on an antique firetruck ride. I thought I was getting somce great pics but didn't realize Dan had taken my memory card out of my camera so I have no pics!!! I am pretty bummed "cause I got some good ones. Oh well. So that was a fun time then Nana got in the next day. So this past week has been a pretty good one. I have figured a lot of things out that have been on my mind. First...our son's name. Yes it has been Leo Douglas for actually the whole time and even before we had Melia that was our boy's name. But it just wasn't feeling right to me. I just didn't feel it was his name. So I have been praying about it and not looking for another name or anything but one came to me and I knew it was it. Troy! That's his name. So his name will be Troy Leo Douglas Miller. We still wanted Leo in there and Dan really wanted Douglas to be in there too so why not have 2 middle names. Anyway we love it. Sounds strong. It is Irish meaning descendant of a footsoldier or warrior. So the other thing that was on my mind I don't think I will blog about so...let's see. Melia is saying more and more words and it is cute to see her with her Nana. I have no pics so far but I know Nana has some great ones. I am 33 weeks along and still have no belly pics but I think Nana took one so I will get one from her. I am feeling good during the night but not so comfie at night. Boys sit so low and I feel like I should just wear some depends so I don't have to go to the bathroom a million times. Ok before I forget...HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATALIE!! We love you!! Can't believe you are 2! Well off to get ready for the beach. Oh better write this down...the otehr day I heard Melia waking up from her nap but I thought I would let her talk to herself for awhile. So I finally went in there to find my little girl naked (she went down fully clothed) saying Uh-Oh over and over. She looked pretty worried too. It stunk so bad like poop and that's when I saw it...her face had poop all over it...her hands...everywhere! I located the disgusting diaper. It was stuff behind her crib on the wall with her white dress so her wall was a big poo smear. I also stepped in some poo corn that had gotten on the floor...yes she had way too much corn the night before! So we threw her in the bath and Nana went to work on cleaning the crib which was covered in some corn smear too. GROSS!! So that was fun. Thanks for the help Nana! Ok gotta run... :)

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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Field Trip #2

Last Friday we had field trip 2 in Waimanalo at Circle C Equestrian Center. It was a beautiful drive through the mountains and as you can see a beautiful place to have your ranch. We got to tour the whole rance and see people riding their horses and training. It was super fun and we had a blast.
Cindy, leader, always has cool stuff set out for the kids when they get there. She had cowboy gear to play dress up which Melia wanted nothing to do with and books and some cool toys, too.
This is Libby. She owns the ranch. She led us around on a little tour. Melia just climbed right up on her golf cart and sat right down with her and the dog. It was pretty funny.
Posted by PicasaSo while Melia kept Libby company the other kids got in a group and sang some Hawaiian welcome songs.

Making friends...

This is Hannah who is squatting next to Melia. She and Melia hit it off last week at the first field trip. They were listening to Libby talk about the horses.
This was an open stall with no horse but there was a horse in the stall behind this one that the girls were staring at.
OK notice how they are holding hands!! Melia was trying to run into the stall and Hannah would tell her "No, Melia, you could get hurt. Stay with me." So cute.
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More horses

Melia LOVED the horses. She laughed and clapped at them.
Of course we would find the ol' farm cat there...
Melia and Hannah are so cute together. Hannah always seems to be trying to protect Melia.
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Libby had carrots for all the kids and parents to feed the horses. Melia laughed so hard when i fed a horse. I asked a lady to take a pic with my camera of Melia and me but after she said ok she ran off to get a pic of her kid. Oh well. I really was there with Melia!
Juice break
Once again this place was so beautiful!
Posted by PicasaMy happy little girl!!