Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Making friends...

This is Hannah who is squatting next to Melia. She and Melia hit it off last week at the first field trip. They were listening to Libby talk about the horses.
This was an open stall with no horse but there was a horse in the stall behind this one that the girls were staring at.
OK notice how they are holding hands!! Melia was trying to run into the stall and Hannah would tell her "No, Melia, you could get hurt. Stay with me." So cute.
Posted by PicasaJust another gorgeous view!


Grandma Frisby said...

There is Melia's trademark "squat"!
I've worked those leg muscles with you, Melia! Up and Down!!! LOL

Mike Karyn & Nash said...

oh how sweet! I love her holding hands with the older girl. so sweet.