Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Halloween and a special Happy B'day to my sis Karyn! She just got her present which is a trip out to Hawaii to see her super cool sister!!! Hope everyone has a good night getting free candy!!! Happy Birthday Karyn!!

Sunday, October 29, 2006


I just wanted to wish Dan a Happy 27th Birthday!!!!For his birthday dinner last night we went to none other than...Maui Taco for mexican food, of course. For those of you who don't know...the kitters were his early b'day present so thank goodness they turned out to be great kittens b/c he cannot return them!! Happy Birthday, Dan!!!!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Belly

Here are some pics of my expanding belly!!! This is at 23 weeks. Mind you I just ate dinner so I could be a bit bloated! HAHA Lsst night Melia was doing karate in my belly and Dan could totally feel her and we, for the first time, saw my belly move when she kicked! It was so cool!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

More fun times, cont'd

I wanted to write a bit more about Lynne's visit here and put up a few more pics. I need to do that with my mom's visit too but that requires scanning of pics which I am not sure about doing right now!! So when Lynne was here we stayed in Kona a few nights before she left. We had fun going to the beach there but I think Lynne had the biggest hit of all. The waves were crashing at a nice size and I am very good and getting myself slammed onto the beach like a limp doll. So Lynne and Dan decide to go out for a dip in the water and float in the raft. Well I am on shore and I see some waves coming in and I think Oh, no!! Well I guess Lynne asks Dan what do I do when a wave comes? Dan says turn around and put your back into it. Dan forgets to tell her to duck under the wave. So I see Lynne turn around and then I don't se Lynne. Needless to say Lynne does not get slammed but she does get a bit of a ride on the wave. There is a pic of right after. It was fun and I luckily had no crashing experiences. I just thought it was a cute story to tell. She will love me for telling these but also...we were walking down a sidewalk slope that was lined with a stone wall...well I trun around to see Lynne run right into it...She calmly says Oh sorry I was just looking at those lesbians over there! It was the funniest thing. Anyway it was a blast and we can't wait to see you in December!! Thanks for the great visit!!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My New Brochure

This is the new brochure I just made up for work. I dont know if its any good and its too hard to put pictures on it. and maybe I was kind of liberal with the "history" part. I make it sound like I have done a ton of building... 20 years worth!! Ha ha. any comments suggestions is appreciated.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

More fun times

Here are some pics from M2's visit...Lynne. She came for a week but Steve only was able to stay for a few days. We had so much fun that week and even got to celebrate Dan's b'day early with Lynne and the Elders. Thanks you so much for coming to see us!! We love you so much!!! I just realized we have no pics of Lynne so we need you to send us the pics you took!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Yesterdays Earthquake

Sunday was full of fun as we were awakened by a rumbling bed, and it wasnt Dan's Bowels! the whole house was shaking and we knew after a few minutes of shaking that this was one huge quake! It measured 6.5 on the richter scale. So all the electricity in Hilo went out and church was cancelled. We stayed home most of the day and played scrabble, taking pictures etc. Later in the day we went down the street to the ocean and took some more pictures.
Congrats Jeni and Newbule on the little one!

Official Name Change

So I was on line looking at meanings of Hawaiian names when I realized Meleana means Mary Ann really. So I wasn't so sure anymore. Anyway I came across Melia which Dan and I had really liked but must have forgot about. So I wrote it out and really liked it. So Melia it will be. HAHA! Dan and I were talking and we know our little girl will be quite spunky and Meleana sounds pretty calm to us. Melia is a bit more playful. So Melia it is! Also Melia means Plumeria which is my FAV flower!!! Dan used to pick them for me in Fiji every single day we were there.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

The tech that found the money shot

We went to a 4d ultrasound this morning and got to see up close and personal video of our little girl Meleana!! We got four or five pictures and a DVD of the entire session. The room they had for Robyn was so nice that it was nicer than our bedroom at home. with a comfortable bed and couch and the tech was so nice that we thought she was on some kind of drug! it was funny. We got to listen to good music and right before we went in Robyn drank this ensure for moms drink and the baby just started to kick and squirm all over the place. Well that was at 22 weeks. We are so excited to meet her in four months. Enjoy the pictures and let us know... Does she have Dan's nose? and Robyn's Cheekbones?

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

October 11 Ultrasound

We just got back from the Ultrasound office. It was quite an amazing experience. We went into the office and Robyn drank two sips of juice to boost her blood sugar so the little tyke would be kicking around. The Tech showed us how the machine works, and then rushed throught the visit. We got to see the head, the heart, the legs, bones, stomach, and bladder. then we got to watch it move around and kick and punch a bit. It was the coolest thing and I can't beleive how sweet it is! totally healthy and growing and 21 weeks old. Here is the picture where you can see the little face smiling at us.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Back in the swing of things

Here are some pictures of the new additions to our home. the little orange one is named Mailo, and the grey vanilla dip is called Kai. they play and run around the house non stop and keep eachother company. We just got back into town last night and today we got everything back to normal after the last three weeks of visitors. We had a really great time with everyone who came out here to see us. You are always invited to come back, only now you have to share the guest living quarters with the two little felines.

Mom's visit

So Mom came to the Big Island a few weeks ago for some sunshine!!! Little did she know we live in a rainforest!!! She loved our house and the area we live in. It is so green and lush and our house seems like it is in the middle of a rainforest. She stayed for about a week and we all had a blast. We saw some sights over this side of the island where we live and then went over to Kona side and stayed in Waikoloa to soak up some rays on the beaches over there. We took her to the hot ponds which she loved. I took her up to Volcano and we drove around and looked at all the cool sites up there. I think we ate at my fav Thai (it's really chinese food) place 5 times while she was here too. The first night she was here had some getting used to. First off the coqui frogs here are so loud! Then she had a gecko in her room that Dan and I had to chase out. She got used to the frogs and I think even misses them. We all had fun at the beach but next time you are getting in the water, Mom!! The pics of the sunset are in Waikoloa the last she was here. It was so beautiful. Thanks for coming out to see us and we love you so much!!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Camping again

We camped a few weeks ago at Ho'okena beach. It was grand and we fed some cute cats down there.

We did have an air mattress this time and it was comfortable.

More to come later when we can put up more pics.