Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Halloween and a special Happy B'day to my sis Karyn! She just got her present which is a trip out to Hawaii to see her super cool sister!!! Hope everyone has a good night getting free candy!!! Happy Birthday Karyn!!


J B & N Rawlins said...

wait how do i get free candy?? I am too old to go door to door... haha now we have the child... the child will get us free candy!! YES finally I dont have to cheat my way into free candy anymore!!
happy halloween to you too! Are you guys dressing up?? you should.. at least paint your belly! It is so fun!!

Ramblin Round the World said...

Karyn and Mike are using Nash to get their free candy!! He has a cute horse costume and everything!! Maybe we could get a cabbage patch kid and dress it up and people will give us free candy!!!!

Mike Karyn & Nash said...

We had teenagers last night at our house..some adults too. Why not? But we did use Nash to get our candy. Yummy!!! Thanks for the b'day shout out. I can't believe I didn't figure out the Hawaii gift...we're so excited. We'll be there in a one week!!