Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Monkey business

My little Monkey-wait that isn't Troy! Melia wanted to play dress up the other day and I had been telling her Troy's monkey costume wouldn't fit b/c it is for a baby and she is a big girl. Well Mommy isn't always right obviously b/c I think it fits perfect!
I am a little obsessed with those slender little legs of hers..lucky little girl.
So I may have told her that to be a monkey she must eat a banana...she had fun running around making monkey sounds
Side shot-beautiful tail. After a little bit she says "Ok this is too small. This is for a baby, Mommy. I am a big girl. I take it off." And that was that.
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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Running behind...

So where did the last few weeks go?? I always have the intention of blogging but...well Troy knows the button to push to turn the computer off so anytime I sit down..yep it's off. Annoying? Yes! So anyway..we had a nice Thanksgiving and of course Troy's b'day was that day, as well, so after we went to our neighbors' for dinner (no pumpkin pie?? WHAT? we had a little family celebration for Troy..

I honesly am not good with the whole put the pics in order and forget every single time that I need to really put them backwards to have them come out right..ok so not in order. We got that. So we are starting off at the end of the cake craziness...my son loves to eat..anything and everything. Did he eat his cake? Nope!

But he sure loved playing with it..

Mom! This is awesome!!

My little clown..

Ready to start..

Yeah I can hold my balloons up with my foot..

Grandma had these balloons delivered that morning..nice surprise!! Troy also got a cookie bouquet from Nana and Granddad but for some reason I couldn't find that pic but I will...

It was such a fun day and I have so many pics of the last few weeks as the kids and I have been going on "field trips" as Melia likes to call them. That's all I have the energy I have for this post..blogging can be tiring as this is the first time I have sat down all day!