Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Fall

Ok so I was going along nicely behind Dan down this hill when my right ski got off the track and it was al over after that. I hadn't fallen once either! I ended up veering to the right and then going down across both sets of tracks. Jeni was behind me and couldn't get off the track in time so she went down! Here comes Newbie trying to get around Jeni but to no avail. He was down! Last one...Steve! He sees all 4 of us spread out across the tracks and middle and realizes he will hit me so he goes down!! We were laughing so hard! It was awesome!
I was totally laid out but I had to scoot over b/c someone was coming.,
Posted by PicasaOk I love this! That's Newbie on the ground there. After he got up he didn't stay that way for long! He was back down. And what was so funny was that guy who skied past him and didn't even look down at him!!

More ski pics

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Canmore Ski trip

We went cross country skiing yesterday at Canmore and it was a blast! I loved it so much. I think we are going back again before we leave.

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This is for you, sis. I love my hair down now! Thanks for letting me use your hair stuff when I was there. I love this stuff!Posted by Picasa

More pics from Christmas morning

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Even more pics...

As you can see Melia loves her new drum that Santa bright her. I just love her many faces. She cracks me up!

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Christmas morning

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Thanks Santa!!!

Grandad is fun to sit on, cause he gives me pickles!!! yum

You are alright! I will let you hold me anytime Grandad!
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The little shepard

This christmas evening before the kids went to sleep we got them together and dressed them up for the nativity! Katy-Lynne was Mary, Lizzy was Joseph, Taylor was Jesus, Natalie was an angel Melia was the shepard, and Brayden was the King bearing gifts. Last night we did another one but Melia was already asleep so we needed to redo it today.

This was a great first Christmas for Melia and she had a great time!

Where are the sheep?
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The Little SHepard

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sunday at the park

This past Sunday we took Melia to her favorite park and she had so much fun! She loved watching the older kids and would wave to them and say Hi! Whatever is coming out of her mouth sounds like hi. She saw a puppy and had to go over and play with it. She loves animals. She let the puppy lick her face and would laugh at him and pet him. It was a fun time. She officially took her first steps! She stood up from a sitting position without holding on to anything and then stepped towards her toy. She took quite a few little steps on her own today! It is so cute! Enjoy the pics...

Friday, December 07, 2007

More trip pics

Melia LOVED her Uncle Mike...loved him!! She would just stare up at him and smile. I always screw up and put my first post as my second..
Karyn and I went out to the store one night so Grandma got to get the little ones ready for bed and read them a bedtime story. I love this picture! So sweet!
This is also more of the playing in the yard. Nash was such a sweetheart and I know even though he beat Melia with a sword, bat and his hands that he really loves her! He cried so hard when we left...I guess he was pointing to Melia's empty carseat saying Mine! Karyn and I would look in on them in the gym daycare and Nash would run up to Melia and give her a kiss and say Mine! Thanks for everything Karyn Mike and Mom! It was fun trying to get their pics taken at the mall! Oh my gosh was that crazy! And don't forget about Souplantation and the little boy that I almost attacked and Mike dry heaving and running away when Nash spit up that formula! RPM class was awesome too! Thanks, Mom, for the trip down memory lane with all the old pics. We laughed so hard we were all crying! It was all tons of fun and we miss you so much. I wish we lived there b/c Melia would love to be closer to her cousin! Love you guys!!!