Friday, December 07, 2007

San Diego!!

Yes sis I stole all of your pics...I forgot my camera so these are from Karyn's blog! She really summed it all up on her blog! It was SO much fun in San Diego! You are looking hot, sis! Keep working hard!
Melia had tons of fun playing in the yard with Nash and Uncle Mike and Aunti Kiki. I think they stayed out there for over an hour. Nash was so sweet and would run in the house and bring out more and more toys for Melia. It was so cute!!
The back of Karyn's SUV where we changed many crazy exploding diapers! Check out Nash's cute outfit!
Bathtime was the best! Karyn and I got drenched b/c Nash and Melia would start splashing like crazy and when Melia would start Nash would go harder and it was so hilarious!!
Melia watched Nash constantly and they both wanted whatever the other one was playing with. Needless to say Melia lost most of those battles but she held her own and would tell Nash what was up!


Mike Karyn & Nash said...


Mike Karyn & Nash said...

Oh my gosh...we miss Melia so much. Mike and I wish you had been able to stay and go to DisneyLand with us. Nash and Melia would have loved it together. Can you believe we have kids??? I still look at Nash and think, "seriously??" And now I have the pic of Nash and Melia up on my to the pic of you and me when we were there age. Just crazy.