Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Fall

Ok so I was going along nicely behind Dan down this hill when my right ski got off the track and it was al over after that. I hadn't fallen once either! I ended up veering to the right and then going down across both sets of tracks. Jeni was behind me and couldn't get off the track in time so she went down! Here comes Newbie trying to get around Jeni but to no avail. He was down! Last one...Steve! He sees all 4 of us spread out across the tracks and middle and realizes he will hit me so he goes down!! We were laughing so hard! It was awesome!
I was totally laid out but I had to scoot over b/c someone was coming.,
Posted by PicasaOk I love this! That's Newbie on the ground there. After he got up he didn't stay that way for long! He was back down. And what was so funny was that guy who skied past him and didn't even look down at him!!

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Mike Karyn & Nash said...

makes me laugh just thinking about you falling...sorry...hope nobody was hurt!!