Thursday, February 23, 2006

Some Pictures from Robyns Half Ironman

These were from Robyns first half ironman. Just some pictures to check out. she might write some words about them later... but we are to lazy now.

Patty's Pics

these were some pictures from Patty Frisby's Camera that she took of robyn and dan. This first one was D and R2 sleeping on the carpet. We were tired!

All week we have been training hard and we just got to the point here were we were just so tired that we laid down in the middle of the living room and couldnt move. The carpet was actually more comfortable than the bed we were sleeping in in Australia.

This picture was of us at the restaurant the other day. We got all you can eat salads, pasta, etc. Dan Stuffed himself of coarse and ate again about an hour later.

We then drove to the Fiesta Island in san diego where we used to park the trailer when we lived down there. we saw this little truck...

This last picture was at the restaurant. the Ladies having fun making fun of Dans ability to eat ice cream and apple pie.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

random entry

These were just some more random pictures. First one is of Robyns baptism. Elder Bula and some of the neighbors that showed up are there in the first floor of the farm house. the second is Patty Frisby Robyns mother. She is eating a burrito for Dan. Its Dan's favorite burrito from the place in san diego called santanas. the third is laila riding a bike. she trained pretty hard on the indoor trainer, and when she wasnt riding she was running and or swimming.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Roo Party

This is The Kangaroos at the university. We were really close before we found this little blue sign that read... dont approach the roos... anyways I ended up riding one of them and Robyn Got in anothers Pouch. it was pretty fun.
These were of the beach down at Mooloolaba. The sun was just going down and we were just finishing up at underwater world. We were really smiling on the inside here.
NIce beaches here and in the day time they are packed with really white tourists, and men wearing banana hammocks. sometimes with no bananas.

Underwater World

Dan and Robyn went to Underwater World on thursday. Dan pretended to know the owner so they got their bikes put in the back and entered the park for free! It was great fun. A glorious time was had by all. However As you can see in the photo, Robyn was quite upset when she saw such beautiful creatures in an aquarium. Then she saw the huge sharks... 12 footers... and she thought "its better that the're in here than at the beach", and she then cheared up.
Pic One is of the huge nurse sharks, with massive teeth Dan swam under them and had to fight this one in the picture. It swam at him and he jabbed it in its nose, then kicked its gill. Just kidding.
Pic two: sad Robyn
Pic Three Happy Dan with sharks all around him.

The Panty Raider

Welcome to the home of Mr and Mrs Hanes. They like it their way. I caught Mrs Hanes outside sporting her favorite panties and undershirt. In fact I caught her almost every day. In the early morning, noon time. and even in the eve.
Here is the gros part, this morning the Mr came outside to get something from his car while I was getting ready to go out... He was naked except for his banana hammock... It was a dark Red pair.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Monday. Queensland Mornings

So This was a picture of me waking up to find a little munchkin sleeping beside me... her name is cocoa...

This one was of Robyn at the pool today I went up there to get some rays. Queensland is the leading skin cancer spot in the world so what better place to get a tan right?

I was trying to open my eyes this morning but i couldnt get them, so i flipped up the eye lids.. who needs em anyways eh?

We want to take some pictures tomorow of some of the wildlife here and beaches etc... sorry all our pics are so boring, but we dont want to take the camera out and lose it or get it stolen...

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

This was the Newpaper article that featured Dan in the australia day parade... Look at the rider on the far left... kind of hard to see I know but it is Dan. He was riding that morning up in this little mountain town called Budderim, and they were having a parade for Australia Day. It was on TV, and in all the Newspapers... He just rode into it with some of these other riders that he was training with and they were introduced as the bike riders! it was hilarous and all the little kids were waving at us and chearing...

Local Life

Here is Robyn Before we went into church this last sunday at the sunshine coast in australia. She Is really white, dont confuse her pail skin with Dans Dark Tan...
Here is the Church we found to go to on the sunday... Not too many cars there, but it was full... We had to take the bus to get there, but we missed the stop and had to walk a few blocks in the 32 degree heat to get there. We got invited to Dinner by an overly enthusiastic family and after agreeing we ditched out early from sunday school so we could go home and sleep instead of having to go all over the place trying to find their house and answer their millions of questions.!!!
Meow!~!!!! This is Robyns impersonation of a cat sitting in "shoe" position... Dont you just want to slip her on one of your feet?
These are the two dogs we get to babysit all week. Gloria and Cocoa... they are part Jack Russel, Part Chihuahua, and part Benji... Fun to walk at night. We take them to the local elementary school and let them go wild!!!

Cruisin around town in the ol 59

This is the Car that we got to travel around the town in the other night. Barb our landlord owns it, its a 59 chevy Bel Air I think... Anyways its in mint condish and it was really fun to have all eyes on us...

Christmas In Fiji... HO HO HO

This was the christmas picture that never got sent...
Here is Laila ... We had to subdue her in the christmas stocking!!!

Here we are eating our christmas Dinner... CHicken, Potats, Corn, and Mountain Dew... Yummm

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Feb 5 Race number 2

Dan Trained hard and after abour 800km on the bike in australia he decided to race again after being embarrased in his first race of the year. He started off the race and stayed in 1st place for 25 out of 30 minutes, then on the last corner got illegally cut off and slowed down, instead of giving up and quiting he continued on to a 6th place finish out of 30. So after a big day of racing Dan and Robyn celibrated with a trip to the ocean and a nap on the beach. We miss everyone, but you should know that we are in a better place!!! Australia rocks

This was a week later Robyn decided to try her first Bike race. She entered the race 5 minutes before the start and when the gun went off she took off. She led the first lap be about 10 seconds, and by the second lap she had increased her lead to 30 seconds, three laps later she lapped the entire feild and won !!!! She had only been training for a few weeks too. She has been training about 5 hours a day in the pool, on the trail and on her bike. PS she isnt a mexican, she seems to tan about 10x more than the average person.

Dans First Race

This Was My first Race of the Year in Australia. I had only been training for a week and decided to race against the local pros and category one riders. I got killed and ended up getting lapped and dropping out this race, but they got some good pictures of me first. Robyn was watching me from the sidelines and chearing me on.