Thursday, February 23, 2006

Patty's Pics

these were some pictures from Patty Frisby's Camera that she took of robyn and dan. This first one was D and R2 sleeping on the carpet. We were tired!

All week we have been training hard and we just got to the point here were we were just so tired that we laid down in the middle of the living room and couldnt move. The carpet was actually more comfortable than the bed we were sleeping in in Australia.

This picture was of us at the restaurant the other day. We got all you can eat salads, pasta, etc. Dan Stuffed himself of coarse and ate again about an hour later.

We then drove to the Fiesta Island in san diego where we used to park the trailer when we lived down there. we saw this little truck...

This last picture was at the restaurant. the Ladies having fun making fun of Dans ability to eat ice cream and apple pie.

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