Tuesday, February 07, 2006

This was the Newpaper article that featured Dan in the australia day parade... Look at the rider on the far left... kind of hard to see I know but it is Dan. He was riding that morning up in this little mountain town called Budderim, and they were having a parade for Australia Day. It was on TV, and in all the Newspapers... He just rode into it with some of these other riders that he was training with and they were introduced as the bike riders! it was hilarous and all the little kids were waving at us and chearing...

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The Haslam Clan said...

Hey Dan...you were probably looking for the camera crew just to get in the paper...don't lie!

I'm so jealous of your tan R2!

I started on a work out program today...you two inspired me...I would say that I will be a different person the next time you see me but that is in like 2 weeks...so you'll have to wait until Christmas maybe!