Thursday, February 16, 2006

Underwater World

Dan and Robyn went to Underwater World on thursday. Dan pretended to know the owner so they got their bikes put in the back and entered the park for free! It was great fun. A glorious time was had by all. However As you can see in the photo, Robyn was quite upset when she saw such beautiful creatures in an aquarium. Then she saw the huge sharks... 12 footers... and she thought "its better that the're in here than at the beach", and she then cheared up.
Pic One is of the huge nurse sharks, with massive teeth Dan swam under them and had to fight this one in the picture. It swam at him and he jabbed it in its nose, then kicked its gill. Just kidding.
Pic two: sad Robyn
Pic Three Happy Dan with sharks all around him.

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