Monday, November 27, 2006

Ode to the Coqui Frog

So I thought I should post a pic of the little frogs that make where we live so loud. They are so tiny yet have such a loud chirp. So this is what you hear when you call us at night. These are the reason I am always saying What? on the phone. They seem to be amplified when I am on the phone. I don't think any of our visitors actually saw one but they sure heard them!!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Happy Turkey Day

Hope everyone had a good Turkey Day! We had a nice sunny beach day over here. Dan went surfing later in the day and I just hung out on the beach and got even tanner. We cooked an 8lb turkey along with stuffing, roasted potatos and onions, green bean casserole, sparkling apple cider and of course pumpkin pie for dessert. This was our first Turkey Day actually spent together. I left Dan in Fiji last year and went to the mainland for Turkey Day. We had a fun day and Dan even had a turkey feast for the kitters!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Surfing Melia

This is the crib bedding Dan surprised me with a few weeks ago. He found it on line and ordered it. I had my eye on something else but when this got here I really liked it. Now I just have to find sheets and blanket to go with it. I want to get a surfboard shaped rug to put in there and these cute surfboard shelves and corkboard for pics. Dan is already talking about making Melia a little surfboard!! Thanks for the great surprise, Dan! It looks awesome. Sorry the pics are a little blurry. I don't feel like going and taking more and re posting them!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Surfing Day

So last Sat Dan and I went to the beach so he could surf and I could catch some rays. This is where Dan and Mike surfed and tore up some waves. I had never been here and it was a pretty cool spot. You can see this spot on the way out of Hilo crooing the first bridge. After this beach we went to another one nearby where we swam around although I didn't get any pics of that one. I think I saw Dan catch a few waves but I wasn't really sure if that was him. It was a great day and really made me appreciate the beauty of where we live.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

More cute trip pics

Here are some pics of Nash with the kitters toys. He loved playing with their toys and loved just watching them. I think they were trying to figure out why this little person had their toys!! it was so cute and I love these pics. So I think everyone can start shopping at Petco for Nash! Also some good ones of Karyn and Mike the night they went out on the town! I can't believe that went by so fast!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Morrills in Hawaii

A week ago my sis and her husband, Mike, and Nash aka Potatos came to Hawaii. As you recall Mike gave Karyn a surprise trip to Hawaii for her b'day. It was so much fun! I went and picked them up in Kona where we stayed in a condo for a few nights. Dan finally got to meet the famous Potatos who I talk about constantly. Dan and Mike went golfing up in Waimea and Mike was kicking butt! We all went snorkeling a few times and hung out at the beach. Nash loved the ocean and sand!!! AS you can see in the pic he loved the taste as well. It was so cute. The first day at the beach Mike had Nash out in the water while we all looked on. We see a pretty big size wave coming in and Mike turns toward the beach. Well the wave goes over them both and Karyn is screaming!!! I run over to her b/c she has started to cry being so scared. She yells That's it! Get out!! Nash is still sucking on his binky smiling when we see them emerge!! It was so funny!! We took them out to eat by the Hilo Bay over here and Dan took Mike surfing over in Hilo. Dan and I watched over Potatos one night while Karyn and Mike went out to a nice restaurant in Waikoloa Village. I think poor Nash was afraid when he awoke to 2 strangers but we had a fun night with him. He is the cutest, happiest little boy. We are so happy they got to come and visit for a week. The house is too quiet now!! We love you all and miss you and thanks for the great time!!! I will post more pics when I get them!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Kitters Pics

I just wanted to put up some cute pics of our little kitters. Mailo seemed to take quite nicely to the crib that was full of trash. I am afraid Melia will be sharing her bed with him!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween and is that you Puppy Scuppy?

Last night we carved our pumpkin...well Dan carved while I watched in awe. Well I designed it and Dan carved it. We didn't think we were going to have trick or treaters and we had no candy so we had to give away Dan's chocolate bars. So we ran up to the store and got some candy. Only 2 other groups came but it was a rainy night. Anyway we wathced Dancing with the Stars and we are totally for Emmitt Smith so everyone needs to vote for him on Tuesday nights. So my mom met Puppy Scuppy while she was here in Sept. I think she grew fond of him. I mean who doesn't love Scup? So one of Dan's presents he got from my mom was this beautiful chef hat all for Scup. He loves to cook!! Enjoy the pics! Oh, make sure you look closely at the what is written on Scup's hat!!!!