Saturday, November 25, 2006

Happy Turkey Day

Hope everyone had a good Turkey Day! We had a nice sunny beach day over here. Dan went surfing later in the day and I just hung out on the beach and got even tanner. We cooked an 8lb turkey along with stuffing, roasted potatos and onions, green bean casserole, sparkling apple cider and of course pumpkin pie for dessert. This was our first Turkey Day actually spent together. I left Dan in Fiji last year and went to the mainland for Turkey Day. We had a fun day and Dan even had a turkey feast for the kitters!!


Anonymous said...

you guys are so cute! Happy T day to you too and that Turkey looks good... nice work R2!!

Nana said...

looks good and you look really good R2. Can't wait to see you. How did the gravy turn out?