Friday, September 29, 2006

The Lost Blog

Hey I posted a blog about my San Diego trip so check it's out under the camping trip entry! There are some cool pics!!

Late at night

Its like midnight here and I am up playing a computer game. It seams that I am what Robyn likes to call a night owl. I just cant sleep sometimes and need to do something. tomorow is friday and we are thinking of camping tomorow night. we have a new air matress and everything we need now, so it should be fun.
We watched BYU play TCU tonight and texas christian was ranked 15 in the country and hoping for a BCS bowl, but their dreams were dashed as BYU kicked their butts. It was an exciting game and I wonder how BYU lost those two close ones earlier this month. It was starting to look like the only Texas school to win this year was TCU so that was pretty disapointing for Robyn when they lost.
We have about six cats now in the back yard that we are feeding and watchin over. they dont come up to us but now they sleep on the deck and hang out under the house. its pretty fun to watch them and name them.
We wanted to find out the sex of our baby today but the ultrasound tech wouldnt make a guess, she says that she wont even try untill 23 weeks, which we think is retarded since everyone else that we know does it at 18.
Well I guess a little typing was all my body needed to get sleepy, i am off to bed now.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Camping at the Beach

So we decided to go camping this past Friday over in Kawaihae at Spencers Beach. We leave at 8 p.m. and head to Wal-mart where we pick up a tent and sleeping bags. We do not bring a pillow or something soft to sleep on. bad mistake. So we get there at around 10 and set up camp. The only place we can pitch our tent is on a rough, rocky surface. This is where the air mattress would have been handy. So we try to settle in and all of a sudden it starts raining...hard. We didn't put the tent up properly soo it starts leaking and Dan goes out in the rain to try and fix it. I am suffering inside b/c I am so uncomfartable trying to sleep on the ground. We think about just going home then remember they close the gats and lock everyone in so we are stuck there. I go try and sleep in the car but it doesn't work. I pretty much sit in the car all night and cry my eyes out while Dan sits up in the tent concerned about me. So neither of us sleep. The next morning the rain had cleared and it was a beautiful day. Dan is meeting his friend in Kona to go for a ride. I stay at the beach...bad mistake for me. I am there for 6 hours and I run out of food and water. I can't get a hold of Dan and am on the verge of an emotional breakdown. I have been VERY weepy lately. So Lynne calls right as I am breaking down. I immediately start bawling like a baby and I doubt she could even understand what I was saying. Needless to say Dan finally came back and I got some food and water. Dan was only supposed to go out for a 2 hour ride but due to the wind it took them 2 hours to get back from going 1 hour out. It was an extremely hot day and the poor thing got sick and had a crappy ride. So when we met up we were not happy campers at all. I think I even told Lynne to call Dan to warn him what he was in for when he finally got to me! Sorry, Lynne!! I felt so silly afterwards but perfect timing!
We should have known that it would turn out that way...I think all of our camping trips have ended up being one big mess or adventure!! I did see two huge turtles swim under me at the beach and am now darker than dark. It was a beautiful place to camp so enjoy the pics!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

At trip to San Diego!!

I have been meaning to write about my trip to San Diego for some time so here goes.... I hadn't seen my sis and Mike, her hubby, in a long time. Plus they have a new addition now...Nash, aka Potatos. And I instantly fell in love with him. As soon as I walked in her door and saw him I startd to cry. I couldn't even hold him b/c I could not stop crying!! I kept saying "He's so pretty." Pretty? Needless to say Potatos and I had some good boning time together, at least I thought so. He is the cutest little baby ever and I totally miss him so much. It was great to see Karyn, Mike, and my mom. Karyn is a make-up artist and also is a skin care expert. She took to totally fixing me up. First it was the hair. I went to her girl and got a cut and then all new products. She threw all of mine away! Just like that. Then it was on to the face, which included a facial and all new products. All growing up I never listened to Karyn about make-up, hair or skin so I think I surprised her when I never protested. But I am SO happy b/c my skin looks better and my hair is doing much better. It is soft and I can actually do something with it besides wearing it back. My mom came up to Karyn's most evenings and we all had dinner together. We all had a ton of fun together and it was nice being back with everyone. I did go through a major Nash withdrawal, though. Actually I still am!! But it was a great trip and I loved seeing Karyn in Mom mode. She is excellent with her Potatos and they are such a happy family. I love you, Karyn, Mike, Potatos, and Mom!!! Can't wait to see you again!! Oh that one pic os of me and Karyn when we were little, obviously, and we had a running race...I went on to love running but can you tell that Karyn didn't!! Ha Ha!! I have more pics but couldn't get them to post so I will try again later!

beach day

We went to the beach saturday and took some pics... hapuna beach.

Friday, September 08, 2006

The new Deck

Here are some pics... Our new back deck and our truck and our car. Also a bit of the back yard...

Nena, if you read this thanks for the sasha pictures! they are awsome...

Saturday, September 02, 2006


This is the latest ultrasound...