Friday, September 29, 2006

Late at night

Its like midnight here and I am up playing a computer game. It seams that I am what Robyn likes to call a night owl. I just cant sleep sometimes and need to do something. tomorow is friday and we are thinking of camping tomorow night. we have a new air matress and everything we need now, so it should be fun.
We watched BYU play TCU tonight and texas christian was ranked 15 in the country and hoping for a BCS bowl, but their dreams were dashed as BYU kicked their butts. It was an exciting game and I wonder how BYU lost those two close ones earlier this month. It was starting to look like the only Texas school to win this year was TCU so that was pretty disapointing for Robyn when they lost.
We have about six cats now in the back yard that we are feeding and watchin over. they dont come up to us but now they sleep on the deck and hang out under the house. its pretty fun to watch them and name them.
We wanted to find out the sex of our baby today but the ultrasound tech wouldnt make a guess, she says that she wont even try untill 23 weeks, which we think is retarded since everyone else that we know does it at 18.
Well I guess a little typing was all my body needed to get sleepy, i am off to bed now.


The Haslam Clan said...

i didn't know there was a game last night! Anyway, stupid about the ultrasound tech...hopefully next time you'll get someone who will tell you what you're having...maybe that means a girl since she can't clearly see what it is

Miller Time said...

yea that does seem crazy b/c i thought the best time to find out the sex was b/n 18 to 20 weeks. That sucks b/c we are looking forward to finding out what you guys are having. Caty-lynne keeps asking me b/c she wants it to be a girl. I told her that i thought ya'll were finding out when nana was there so we would have nana and r2 call us to tell us and she said she just wants r2 to call her and tell her. I just laughed, so make sure you let us know b/c i get ask daily what is r2 having.

J B & N Rawlins said...

OK how do cats just know to come over to your house?? I dont get it!
And the ultrasound thing is super GAY! R2 told me that its foot was in the way.. although if it means anything - i just about wrote HER foot was in the way. Maybe it is a girl. seems like a year for girls!
BYU always beats TCU for some reason they ALWAYS do well here... we were gonna go to that game but Brian couldn't get off work. Bummer - did you hear that dad watched it with Elder Oaks in his office?? haha funny.
Have fun camping - get it in now cause when R2 gets as far along as me she will want nothing to do with an airmattress.. if I dont have my pillows SURROUNDING me I kiss my sleep gooodbye.

Ramblin Round the World said...

Yeah, the foot was in the way!! So we will hopefully try again next Friday when I am supposed to get my routine ultrasound done so hopefully it will be spreading its legs!! Some lady at a restaurant told me I looked like I was a boy but what she meant was it looks like I am carrying a boy she said. So, we'll see! Don't worry, Caty-lynne...I'll let you know first thing!!