Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

Love this picture! Ok..once again I posted all out of order. I don't know what my deal is but I posted a bunch of pictures so be sure to scroll and scroll down to see them all...these are all of Melia's 2nd birthday
Having fun with some cake
Blowing out her candles...
She was using her new Thomas fork but then decided her hands would get the cake in hermouth faster!Posted by Picasa


We got Melia a Cinderella tea set. She loves to pretend to feed me and make drinks for me so I thought it was time for her to have one. She was bringing a cup of tea to me..
Nash and Aunt Kiki sent Melia some cool trains!! She LOVES them! She got a thomas spoon and fork and a few trains and Madagascar 2...which she also loves.
Thanks Nash!!! I LOVE my toothbrush!
Posted by PicasaShe was so happy...she kept saying "Thank you Kiki thank you Na!"
Melia coming downstairs after her nap seeing all the balloons and her presents..
I think the balloons were the best part for her. She loves to pop them and say "Oh pop!" I hate when balloons pop!! It always makes me jump!
Opening some gifts...
Oh can't forget about the pinata I got!! That's right!
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This past Tuesday was Melia's 2nd birthday. I still can't believe she is 2. We decided to just do something low key so we decorated the house while she was napping and set all of her presents out. That morning I took her to gymnastics and she had so much fun. Her coaches sang happy birthday to her and she would tell them "I two!" Melia is such an amazing little girl. She is strong in so many ways...strong minded and willed and she is a pretty strong little thing too!! I think the absolute world of her and she is so sweet. I hope your birthday was a special one Melia!! Mommy loves you so much! Thanks for the cookie cake Nana and Granddad!!

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Sunday, February 22, 2009


This past week was pretty good. Melia took 2 4 hour naps and I am so happy about that!! I wish she would do that everyday. I walked in her room after her nap and I found her like this. She had started her nap fully dressed and with a diaper. She is always trying to be so helpful. She will say "Pee pee mine" or "poo poo mine" when she goes. It is so cute b/c she dose that with her booboos. "boo boo mine" instead of the other way around. Anyway...there was only one morning I walked in and I heard Poo poo mine and the diaper was off and she had tried wiping herself with her bath towel. Not fun for me.
Melia loves to make Troy smile. She will say "I show Baby!" and then do something funny for him. She was putting on a headband in this pic and wanted to show T, as she calls him, how cool it looked. He obviously was getting a kick out of her!

Getting ready to do a workout...

My sweetness!! He is doing awesome I must say. He slept from 8:30 pm last night to 6:15 this morning. I have been swaddling him at night still but I think that will end as he gets out of it and seems frustrated when the blanket gets up around his face. He loves to roll from his belly to back and is almost rolling the other way. He rolls from his back to his side and then just gets kinda stuck. Oh the bow and dragonfly are there on the swing purely for Troy's entertainment and he loves to talk to them.

I got caught!! One thing she does if she gets caught doing something like pulling all her wipes out she will say I show GaGa (yes Dan is still gaga but sometimes she will call him daddy) and she will run and show him. She thinks she is fooling me so she won't get in trouble or I won't take them away. Silly thing

Loving his dragonfly..

This was last Sunday before church...he needed a little snooze.

My cool double stroller. Luckily Melia loves it. She was not liking being in her stroller for awhile but she loves this one and so does Troy. Troy has his 3 month checkup this Fri and Melia has her 2 year checkup..not sure why I made it at the same time. But I am so excited for Melia's 2nd birthday this Tuesday!!! We went to Toys R Us last night and picked up a few cool things for her. Nana and Granddad come in at the end of the week so we will be excited to see them. Granddad is blessing Troy next Sunday so that will be a special day. Hope everyone has had a good weekend!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Ok hi everyone! I want you all to check out my sis's blog...Karyn Mike and Nash. She posted a ton of awesome pics of their trip here. I tried but all the pics turned out like postage stamps so you couldn't even see them! You can leave comments here or better yet leave them on her blog. She LOVES comments! But after you think you have seen them all there is a break with a Valentine's Day post then some more. Seriously there are some cute ones of the kids. I still have a bunch from my mom but not having any luck with saving them as a folder as there are 252 of them so we'll see when I can get those up. Anyway hope all is great with everybody. I will post other pics later this week...I hope!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Little update...

Ok well I have no pics of my last week with my family but I will post them when Karyn and Mom send me some. But I thought I would post some while I am waiting for those. But I will say that I had the best time with everyone. I loved watching Nash and Melia play together. They were so awesome together!!! I really miss my sweet Nash, too. And Melia misses her Kiki, Mike and Grandma too! So will write all about the trip when I post the pics...but here is my Troy...happiest little baby!! When he isn't sleeping or eating he is smiling and cooing!
Melia had a boo boo on her not really but she LOVES band aids. She loves them all over her and all over her stuffed animals, too. We got a lock for the outside of her door and it has done wonders! Seriously the night she first had it on she slept all night and never tried to get out. She naps again and goes right down at night. Thank goodness for that lock.

Getting ready for her first luau...she is saying sentences now, too. She ran in the house and told me "I saw big meow meow." She is saying Thank you and Sorry...she is just saying more words everyday.

I can't believe he is almost 3 months old and Melia is going to be 2 in a few weeks!!

So happy playing with Daddy!!
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