Sunday, February 08, 2009

Little update...

Ok well I have no pics of my last week with my family but I will post them when Karyn and Mom send me some. But I thought I would post some while I am waiting for those. But I will say that I had the best time with everyone. I loved watching Nash and Melia play together. They were so awesome together!!! I really miss my sweet Nash, too. And Melia misses her Kiki, Mike and Grandma too! So will write all about the trip when I post the pics...but here is my Troy...happiest little baby!! When he isn't sleeping or eating he is smiling and cooing!
Melia had a boo boo on her not really but she LOVES band aids. She loves them all over her and all over her stuffed animals, too. We got a lock for the outside of her door and it has done wonders! Seriously the night she first had it on she slept all night and never tried to get out. She naps again and goes right down at night. Thank goodness for that lock.

Getting ready for her first luau...she is saying sentences now, too. She ran in the house and told me "I saw big meow meow." She is saying Thank you and Sorry...she is just saying more words everyday.

I can't believe he is almost 3 months old and Melia is going to be 2 in a few weeks!!

So happy playing with Daddy!!
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Jeni said...

TROY is a dollbaby! Sometimes I see alittle resemblence between stephen and him. and they are both happy babies! I hope we can get them together sooN!
Melia looks so cute in her hula skirt!

Nana said...

TROY IS ADORABLE! There,I had to capitalize that to give emphasis. Can't wait to see him and kiss him. Love you Melia!!

Mike Karyn & Nash said...

Oh sweet Troy!! And I can't even tell you how much I miss Melia. She and Nash LOVED playing together and how cute when she decided she wanted to pee on the potty when Nash did it. I'm sending you pics today.

thepalmierifamily said...

I'm still feeling really good, but big! I think having two is going to be quite the adjustment, but I can't wait.