Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I wanted to give a birthday shout out to my nephew Nash today! He turned 3 today (march 31st...I know my blog is still set to Italian time so a day ahead) Thispic was taken on his first trip to Hawaii on the Big Island where he dined on sand and played with my cats' toys. That doesn't seem like it was that long ago and now he is 3 and talking up a storm. We love you TONS Nash and think the world of you. Hope you had a great birthday!
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Thursday, March 26, 2009


What up what up!! We're back! Yes it has been forever and I have been so busy having fun at the beach with my awesome kids. I have really been wanting to blog but I am too tired by the time I am kid free at night. But things have been great here. Troy is 4 months old today!
He is so much fun to be around. Always smiling...always. Such a happy little guy. He is happiest on his tummy and I always find him rolled onto his belly propped up on his elbows looking around when I get him from a nap or in the a.m. He is doing well but getting very hungry I must say. I have had to supplement him with a bottle b/c I am just not filling him up anymore. Today he started screaming an hour after he nursed b/c he was starving!! He has never done that before and I think he is just a hungry little boy. Just a month ago he was only nursing every 4 hours. Last week I wasn't sure if I was going to keep nursing b/c he seemed to not be enjoying but now I am just going with the flow cause he was doing ok...but he sleeps great at night...wakes at about 4 or 5 then goes right back to sleep. Nice Troy!

His eyes are still blue and I am waiting for them to change! When we are outside the color looks ao beautiful. I am intrigued by them...just stare at them. I need to take some shots outside.

Big plane! Big plane! Melia has this game where we hide when we see a big plane just for fun. Also she has a pretend big meow meow that usually hangs out on our garage rooftop and we have to hide when he is near too. The other day he even followed us to the beach! So Melia was going through this phase where anytime she fell or stubbed a toe she would cry and get all dramatic so I started to just say she had a Big Boom so now when she takes a tumble she will look up and say "Big Boom!" even if noone is around..

Melia came to us one night and said she had to poo poo. So we put her on the toilet and she actually went poo poo! We would ask her if she was all done and she would do the sign for "more" and say More poo poo. So cute. So when she was all done it was time to get off and she was so sad!! She started crying "My more poo poo" over and over. So the hard part about potty training which I am not really doing right now is to get her off the toilet...not on!

My happy little man

Yep...you know what came next...off came the diaper. Don't you like all her bowls filled with water?

Troy's fav position to be in. Yeah so we have been going to the beach a lot lately. Troy is great at the beach. When he gets tired he just rolls over on his side on the towel and goes to sleep. I have been going with my friend so we take turns with Melia in the water and Troy on the grass in the shade. Such good beach babies I have.

I lvoe this...looks like Melia has pink lip gloss on.

Another thing Melia is way into is putting on tons of clothes especially pajamas. She even has her swim coverup on in this one. When I was little I had to wear the same tights and leotards every single day under my regular clothes so I know where she gets it from! We have done some fun stuff and I have had some great laughs and I can't remember anything right now ha ha I will post some beach pics soon...I hope!! Oh Happy Birthday to my awesome bro in law Mike who is...older than he was yesterday! Love ya!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Yummy fingers..

It is Thursday morning and I am home while Dan took Melia to gymnastics. I am kinda bummed I couldn't take her but while I was out on my run Troy wasn't put down for a nap so I had to so couldn't get ready in time. But Melia will have fun with Daddy for sure. So this past week was so fun. I don't have nay pics right now of Nana and Granddad's visit but hopefully they will email me some. Troy had a beautiful blessing and looked so adorable in his little blessing outfit. Melia is still Granddad's little girl! She loves him!! So this post is just pics of my sweet boy. He has started to suck on his fingers and/or thumb. I think it is so adorable.
Playing peek a boo with Mommy! I love this picture!! I had been putting him down for his naps in his swing that was in his room but last week he started rolling over from his back to tummy so after going in there and finding him almost flipped out of his swing I started putting him in his crib. He now sleeps in his crib for naps and at night. He had been in our room in his bassinet. I think he actually sleeps better in his room now since he doesn't have to listen to Dan snoring!
He is so squirmy now...rolling back to front and front to back. Sometimes when I am nursing him he just starts rolling over and I have to flip him back. He is taking after his sister and that is kinda scary! ha ha
Lynne brought a picture of Dan at 4 months and it looks just like Troy!! I will have to post it next to a pic of Troy b/c it is crazy how identical they look except Dan was a little meatier I think. I am pretty behind on blogging so hopefully this week end I can put some more pictures I have up. Oh Melia got a new bed for her birthday from Nana and Granddad...thank you! She LOVES it. She gets on it and says "My big bed!" The first night she had it I think it might have overwhelmed her as she didn't want to be in there alone so Granddad went in and cuddled with her. We were all watching on the video monitor and it was pretty funny. Melia at one point propped her legs up on his stomach and out her hands behind her head. Dan had to finally go in and tell Granddad to leave b/c we could tell she was too excited to fall asleep with him in there! It was cute. Oh how could I forget this?? Target opened here yesterday!! The 1st Target on the island and it is only about 10 minutes from my house!! We were so there yesterday and it was pretty packed but I am so happy it is finally here! Well off to take a shower while Troy is still napping...
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