Sunday, October 18, 2009


Nana sent some costumes for the kids and they are so cute. We dressed them up last weekend to see how they would look. Beauty.
I think it is safe to say Troy looks absolutely adorable. He didn't mind it at all. He crawled around as if he wasn't even wearing a monkey suit. Who can honestly say they could do the same?
Melia is all set for Halloween. Every morning she tells me "It's almost Halloween, Mommy!" Our neighborhood goes all out and everyone already has their decorations up. I am talking lights and pumpkins and inflatable things. It's awesome.
I am tired but wanted to get these up before Monday starts. Hope everyone had a good weekend. We did. :)
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Saturday, October 17, 2009


Yes I am obsessed with these 2 little ones. I just cannot get enough of them. These 2 pics of Troy are actually a month or so old. But just love them so had to get them up. I just wanted to report that my little man is walking now! 10.5 mos and he finally let go of the table and went for it. I can't believe it. Time sure has flown by b/c he will be a year so soon.
Patiently waiting (yet looking quite annoyed) for his food.
Melia came up to me the other day and handed me my phone and said "Call Daddy ok?" I told her that Daddy was at school so I couldn't. She told me again the same. I just took my phone and said I would later. I guess while I had been putting Troy down for a nap Dan called and Melia answered it and he told her to have me call him. Guess I should listen a little better!
I have some preview pics of the kiddos in their Halloween costumes that I will post later today.
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Monday, October 12, 2009

Square Pants

I had to write this one down. Melia and I were in the store a few weeks ago and she saw a SpnogeBob cake. She really wanted it. I told her she could have one if she threw her binky away. She still only uses it at night so not a biggie but I thought I would try it. Well when we got home she ran upstairs and got her binky and said "I throw my binky away Mommy." And throw it away she did! She was so proud of herself and we even went out to the trash and put it in the can. About 10 minutes later..."Where'd my binky go??" ha ha
I will just make the long story short. The babysitter ended up giving her a binky that day for her nap as Melia was so upset she didn't have it. So she didn't get the cake that day. The next day I told her she would have to throw another one away and sleep w/o her binky to have the cake. Well...
She obviously threw it away...again.
And Mommy is obviously a sucker b/c she is still sleeping with a binky. Posted by Picasa

My little painter

I took Melia to an art class a few weeks ago and she loved it. So I bought some finger paints for her and finally got around to letting her go at it.
I love the tongue. Why do kids (and adults) stick out the tongue when concentrating? Must help.
My beautiful little girl.
So serious...
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