Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dancing Queen

These are the last pics I am posting from Grandma's trip. My recent pics are now piling up and I need to get those up but I am too lazy to upload them right now. I just wanted to write down a funny story about Melia before I go too long and I forget to. By the way Melia loves to dance and this is her twirling around. Obviously she got dizzy-see below. So Melia loves to "call" people on my phone. She pretends to call quite a few people and they always talk back b/c I hear her say"oh yeah, ok. Oh? yeah ok." So the other afternoon I leave Melia watching Dora and go upstairs to get Troy from his nap. I come back down to find Melia moving a stool over to the backdoor which is locked and she can't reach the top lock. She is on my phone saying"yeah, ok. ok. yeah." I just laugh and wonder who she is "talking" to. I then hear the lock click and she is out the door still on my phone. I am changing Troy in the study. I then walk out and see the garage door opening. I know Dan doesn't have an opener so I am like What is going on?? I walk outside and I hear "I got it Daddy!!" Melia was on a chair in the garage underneath the garage opener. To sum it up...Dan had called me and Melia picked up the phone. Dan asked her to get me so I can open the garage door. Why would a 2.5 year old need help?? So she did it herself. I thought that was very cool she found a way to do it but then thought..Nice, now my 2 year old can get out of the house and backyard.

So this week has been a good one so far. I have some newer pics of the kids and another good story from Melia. Oh the other day at the gym well..the gym I go to is nothing but huge and I mean HUGE Hawaiian or Samoan guys. They are huge. Covered in ink. My kinda guys. So anyway they are not just tough looking they really are tough men. So I was doing squats and right next to me is this huge dude and his friends. That Kelly Clarkson song "Since you've been gone" was on. All of a sudden I hear super loud from this huge man Since you've been gone..I can breath for the first time! I'm so moving on yeah yeah!" So he actually got those high notes and I just started laughing. I couldn't help it. It was awesome. I looked over at him and he just gave me the "Yeah that's right" nod. Beauty.

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Beach Beauty

I posted a ton of pics so scroll down to view them. These are still pics from my mom's visit. I said there were a lot! these are just some beach pics of Melia. So I wanted to say that she is quite the little blabber these days. Just talks and talks and talks..I love it.
I also love that the only time she uses her binky is at night time or a nap. When she wakes up she immediately goes to her "binky drawer" and puts it away. Nice.
What I don't love..being called Mom. I am Mommy. Momma even but not Mom. She has this movie The Reef and Pi calls his parents Mom and Dad. Well I don't like being called Mom. :( She knows this and uses it against me I swear! ha ha She sometimes says Momma in a very French fashion which is cool but Mom? She doesn't always say Mom but last night I thought I heard something so I turn her monitor volume up and I hear "Mom! Mom! Read book, Mom!" I go in and say Who are you calling? Mommy she says. That's right!
Posted by PicasaOk so I have to wrtie this...tonight Dan was eating standing up next to Melia. Melia pats his belly and says "No more food, Daddy. You're fat." Dan immediately looks at me and asks me what I have been telling her..umm..nothing! So then (bless her sweet little heart) she looks at me and says Mommy's not fat." Oh Melia. So sweet. So then turning to Daddy who is eating pizza says "No more food, Daddy. You're fat" while patting his belly. I had to leave the room as I was laughing quite hard. Poor Dan. Good night for Mommy. ha ha

Daddy and Troy

Some great pics of Daddy and troy. Troy is 10 mos old today! He took his first steps a few days ago, too! He totally walks around while holding on to my hand or my finger really. He can stand on his own forever and I just can't believe he is almost 1 year!! it's nuts. He is awesome. Always happy and always smiling. Such a laid back little guy. He also loves to eat! We went to the beach this evening and he was quite the social butterfly. He was crawling up to everybody and just smiling at them. It was so cute. I love you, Troy!

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Night out

Mom and I went out one night while staying down in Waikiki. We ended up at Jimmy Buffets and it was so much fun. Our waiter, Steve, was so high or drunk that he really had no idea what was going on. He brought us the wrong appetizer like twice and then brought me the wrong dinner but told me I could try it anyway while he went and got mine. He was hilarious.
There was a live band there and this guy asked Mom to dance. It was awesome! I didn't get any pics of it but she sure looked great out on the dance floor!
Posted by PicasaHaving fun!! We took a cab there which costs so much b/c we thought it was far from our hotel but we walked back and it only took us like 10 minutes. Of course. I loved people watching in Waikiki. Funny-so we stopped in a little ABC Store to get some water and as I am paying I hear Mom saying behind me..Wow look at this guy's tatoo. I think it looks good, don't you? I turn around and she has the Men of Hawaii calendar open to some guy on the beach flexing! ha ha Love it!


The Ilikai is the one with the turquoise. We stayed there for a few nights while Mom was here. It was so fun! I guess Mom would stay here with us when we were little and even played in this same little lagoon!
Walk a straight line, Melia..
Look at her strut her stuff!!
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We stayed at the Ilakai which is on Honolulu. My mom used to stay there when Karyn and I were Troy's age! It was so cool to be able to go back since it had closed but recently re-opened. We got a 2 bedroom suite on the 22nd floor for only $160 a night! It pays to be a resident here! It was a huge suite and had such awesome views. So these pics are kind of how it went..Troy warming up to Grandma..
Laughing at Melia doing something to be funny..
"Grandma, play with me. Don't play with Troy anymore. I am pretending I hurt myself so you can give me attention." Nice, Hollywood. (her new nickname lately due to awesome dramatic acting skills)
I love you, Grandma.
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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Here is my Troyboy

Here are a few of my favs of Grandma with the kiddos. Well I have many favs but will start with these. It actually took Troy a little while to warm up to Grandma. He is just quite the momma's boy at times. Grandma had fun chasing Troy up the stairs...over and over and over...
Being Melia's hair. I wish I had it! I love Troy's face..."Oh come on girls."

At Ko Olina...we went there a few times in the evening, all of us. Mom took Melia quite a few times, as well. I love this picture! See...I said I would blog more! More pics to come!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Grandma's visit! Back to blogging!!

Hello everyone! I am back and back for good! My computer was in the shop which didn't do any good except the computer guys got some money. Anyway all is well and I have vowed to blog daily b/c my kids do so much awesome stuff I want to record it. I do cool stuff, too. hee hee So a lot has happened but let's talk about Grandma's trip out here!! It was 2 weeks ago and she was here for 2 weeks. It was SO much fun! Melia and Grandma travelled the whole island doing fun things. I should have been blogging everyday she was here b/c the 2 of them always had a fun adventure.
This was at the airport on the day Grandma came in. I have tons of pics...thanks to Mom! So get ready! Melia was so happy to see Grandma.
Grandma brought Melia a beautiful "nemo" dress. Melia and I both really love it. Isn't it awesome??
Having fun at the airport still! I will keep blogging pictures. Going to blog 4 more later. I am so excited my computer is working. Just had to move it into the study. Let's see..while Mom was here she took us to The Willows which is an awesome little restaurant down in Honolulu. It is authentic Hawaiian style food...buffet. Oh my goodness they had to find 2 wheel barrows to roll our stuffed selves out!! Dan Mom and I went one Sat night and we had the best time. I guess Mom would go there a lot 30 years ago!! It was so cool to finally see it. And the food? AWESOME!! Does one really need 3 plates of dessert? We thought so that night. ha ha I know 2 months ago I said I was going to blog more but now I really can so I really will. More to come..
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