Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Grandma's visit! Back to blogging!!

Hello everyone! I am back and back for good! My computer was in the shop which didn't do any good except the computer guys got some money. Anyway all is well and I have vowed to blog daily b/c my kids do so much awesome stuff I want to record it. I do cool stuff, too. hee hee So a lot has happened but let's talk about Grandma's trip out here!! It was 2 weeks ago and she was here for 2 weeks. It was SO much fun! Melia and Grandma travelled the whole island doing fun things. I should have been blogging everyday she was here b/c the 2 of them always had a fun adventure.
This was at the airport on the day Grandma came in. I have tons of pics...thanks to Mom! So get ready! Melia was so happy to see Grandma.
Grandma brought Melia a beautiful "nemo" dress. Melia and I both really love it. Isn't it awesome??
Having fun at the airport still! I will keep blogging pictures. Going to blog 4 more later. I am so excited my computer is working. Just had to move it into the study. Let's see..while Mom was here she took us to The Willows which is an awesome little restaurant down in Honolulu. It is authentic Hawaiian style food...buffet. Oh my goodness they had to find 2 wheel barrows to roll our stuffed selves out!! Dan Mom and I went one Sat night and we had the best time. I guess Mom would go there a lot 30 years ago!! It was so cool to finally see it. And the food? AWESOME!! Does one really need 3 plates of dessert? We thought so that night. ha ha I know 2 months ago I said I was going to blog more but now I really can so I really will. More to come..
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Jeni said...

ohhh fun. melias hair is so long! and robyn you are looking awesome. good for you!
and buffet? yummy take me if I ever can get out there!

Nana said...

Melia looks beautiful and I love her pony tail. So who did you send in your place to pick up your mother? She's a cute skinny girl:)

Robyn Melia and Troy said...

Yeah fat ugly Robyn stayed at home. ha ha

Grandma Frisby said...

I almost didn't recognize Melia and mommy . . . one was bigger and the other was "much" smaller!!! :)Wonderful reunion at the airport- "catch-up" time was so much fun! Grandma misses Melia's sweet smile and giggles!

Proud Momma said...

Can't wait to see more pics...Robyn looking amazing...but I miss Troy!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Glad to see your back on, you look so good BTW. Can't wait for more pics. :O) Natalie