Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dancing Queen

These are the last pics I am posting from Grandma's trip. My recent pics are now piling up and I need to get those up but I am too lazy to upload them right now. I just wanted to write down a funny story about Melia before I go too long and I forget to. By the way Melia loves to dance and this is her twirling around. Obviously she got dizzy-see below. So Melia loves to "call" people on my phone. She pretends to call quite a few people and they always talk back b/c I hear her say"oh yeah, ok. Oh? yeah ok." So the other afternoon I leave Melia watching Dora and go upstairs to get Troy from his nap. I come back down to find Melia moving a stool over to the backdoor which is locked and she can't reach the top lock. She is on my phone saying"yeah, ok. ok. yeah." I just laugh and wonder who she is "talking" to. I then hear the lock click and she is out the door still on my phone. I am changing Troy in the study. I then walk out and see the garage door opening. I know Dan doesn't have an opener so I am like What is going on?? I walk outside and I hear "I got it Daddy!!" Melia was on a chair in the garage underneath the garage opener. To sum it up...Dan had called me and Melia picked up the phone. Dan asked her to get me so I can open the garage door. Why would a 2.5 year old need help?? So she did it herself. I thought that was very cool she found a way to do it but then thought..Nice, now my 2 year old can get out of the house and backyard.

So this week has been a good one so far. I have some newer pics of the kids and another good story from Melia. Oh the other day at the gym well..the gym I go to is nothing but huge and I mean HUGE Hawaiian or Samoan guys. They are huge. Covered in ink. My kinda guys. So anyway they are not just tough looking they really are tough men. So I was doing squats and right next to me is this huge dude and his friends. That Kelly Clarkson song "Since you've been gone" was on. All of a sudden I hear super loud from this huge man Since you've been gone..I can breath for the first time! I'm so moving on yeah yeah!" So he actually got those high notes and I just started laughing. I couldn't help it. It was awesome. I looked over at him and he just gave me the "Yeah that's right" nod. Beauty.

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Nana said...

Cute stories about Melia!! And I like what you did with her hair! You'll have to get that girl into dance lessons! Sorry I missed your call yesterday. My phone never rang, except to tell me i had missed a call! hmm. Did the package arrive?

Anonymous said...

What a big girl to be so helpful for daddy, ummm time for a latch at the top of the door!? on a side note, any big Hawaiian guy singing Kelly Clarkson is OK in my book. -- Nat

Grandma Frisby said...

I so enjoyed dancing with you on the beach . . . and in the ocean at the North Shore! You are a "natural" dancer Melia - you've got the "beat"! Oh! I remember those "Big Kahunas" at the gym. May be one of the reasons I kept going with you! MUSCLES!!! Ha Ha