Thursday, September 24, 2009

Beach Beauty

I posted a ton of pics so scroll down to view them. These are still pics from my mom's visit. I said there were a lot! these are just some beach pics of Melia. So I wanted to say that she is quite the little blabber these days. Just talks and talks and talks..I love it.
I also love that the only time she uses her binky is at night time or a nap. When she wakes up she immediately goes to her "binky drawer" and puts it away. Nice.
What I don't love..being called Mom. I am Mommy. Momma even but not Mom. She has this movie The Reef and Pi calls his parents Mom and Dad. Well I don't like being called Mom. :( She knows this and uses it against me I swear! ha ha She sometimes says Momma in a very French fashion which is cool but Mom? She doesn't always say Mom but last night I thought I heard something so I turn her monitor volume up and I hear "Mom! Mom! Read book, Mom!" I go in and say Who are you calling? Mommy she says. That's right!
Posted by PicasaOk so I have to wrtie this...tonight Dan was eating standing up next to Melia. Melia pats his belly and says "No more food, Daddy. You're fat." Dan immediately looks at me and asks me what I have been telling her..umm..nothing! So then (bless her sweet little heart) she looks at me and says Mommy's not fat." Oh Melia. So sweet. So then turning to Daddy who is eating pizza says "No more food, Daddy. You're fat" while patting his belly. I had to leave the room as I was laughing quite hard. Poor Dan. Good night for Mommy. ha ha


Proud Momma said...

Oh don't even know what fat is girlfriend! What a cutie!

Grandma Frisby said...

This was an unofficial "photo shoot" . . . many more to come! Melia is a "natural beauty" - heads will turn!!

Anonymous said...

What a little beauty! She looks so much like you Robyn, it blows me away! - Nat

Jeni said...

cute cute pictures robyn, I sure miss you guys and cant wait to actually get to know those 2 kiddies, hope that is soon!