Thursday, September 24, 2009

Daddy and Troy

Some great pics of Daddy and troy. Troy is 10 mos old today! He took his first steps a few days ago, too! He totally walks around while holding on to my hand or my finger really. He can stand on his own forever and I just can't believe he is almost 1 year!! it's nuts. He is awesome. Always happy and always smiling. Such a laid back little guy. He also loves to eat! We went to the beach this evening and he was quite the social butterfly. He was crawling up to everybody and just smiling at them. It was so cute. I love you, Troy!

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Proud Momma said...

wow...he is so grown up! What a mini Dan!

Grandma Frisby said...

Daddy and Troy - handsome and happy! It was a delight spending time with U2!

Anonymous said...

What a little handsome man!! I love him! - Nat