Sunday, May 31, 2009

Going straight?

No not permanently but I have been enjoying my hair straight the last few days. I decided I was was sick of my hair and tired of going to Supercuts to get it cut since nobody knows how to cut curly hair(it must be done straight!) So I booked an appt at Paul Brown salon and after 5 hours this was the result...yes 5 hours! I personally love it. I think I will wear it straight more but curly most of the time. I love the color and how healthy it is now. Feels good! So I have so many pics of my active little kiddos but I feel like I need energy just to write about them! I will do that tomorrow after 15 caffeine pills...ha only kidding but if you have some send them my way hehe OK hope everyone had a great weekend. I never post pics of myself so I thought I better do it while I remember. Umm...yes one more thing... TEAM FLOATIES ROCKED IT!!! are stronger than you think and you were amazing out there...winning your leg of the race! That's what I am talking about! Mike ok you are fast! I didn't give you enough credit for your running ability. Way to go Nicole for bringing it home for the team and must be a stud too. Sorry I just had to give my shout out to them. I am so proud! :)
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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Go Team Floaties!!

My sister is doing her first ever race tomorrow...the San Diego Rock n Roll marathon. It's so crazy b/c I trained for this race for about 5 years in a hurt every single time and never could run it. Now my sister, who has never been a runner up until recently, is doing it!! I am so thrilled for her love of running now! Karyn is doing the relay and is starting it off with 6.5 miles. So she has a big job to do to get her team in the lead! I know you can do it sis!! I just wanted to post a few tips and words of encouragement for you...
There will be thousands of people with you waiting to start. Feed off their energy. It's exciting. Just don't let the excitement make you start off too fast. Remember your pacing tomorrow. Remember what you told me earlier...about that run we did as little kids and you pushed yourself to stay with me and you finished even though you wanted to stop. Find me out there in the crowd tomorrow...I will be ahead of you but don't let me out of your sight. Stay with me the whole time!!! It will push your comfort zone but that's what racing is all about. Finding your limits...what you are capable of. Remember that it is just an hour or so of your life and that is nothing! You can run your butt off for an hour!!

Don't start out the run cold...meaning make sure you do a warm-up. Do a light jog when you get there and do a few what you did on Thursday's workout. Do some high knees and just make sure your muscles are nice and warmed up. I know you are going to have a blast! The fans cheering you on will be so awesome. You will become addicted to racing after this! I am so proud of all your training and hard work. I wish more than anything I was with you tomorrow running with you and cheering you on the whole way. You are going to kick some butt out there and call me as soon as you can, ok?? I love ya and I am so excited for you!!! Team Floaties is going up against Sushi Lounge and they are going to rock them!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to my beautiful mom!! She is 40? today? No but she sure looks like it!! I hope you have an awesome day today and have some birthday cake!! We love you!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Surfer Girl

Yes that is Melia with Daddy on my board. She loves to go out for a paddle. I love how she just chills and rests her head on her hands and takes it all in..
Yeah that's it Melia!!
She is the coolest girl I know! I hope we never leave here. I was thinking about that the other day. In a perfect world Dan would get into med school here and we could stay here for awhile...long time. My kids were both born here on the islands and it's home to them. I feel the ocean is apart of me and it is apart of Melia and I hope she can always stay close to it.
Keep going Daddy...
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Waimea this place. The water was so calm and crystal clear the last few days. Perfect.

There is a big sign on the beach in front of here that says No Jumping off Cliff...

So awesome...

Melia and I playing in the sand before I paddled out...oh that is my new board. I don't think I ever posted any pics of it. The best part is the other
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The Waterfall

Going in the water..she was so excited!! Ok always out of order...the post after this explains where we are...
I love that I can bring Melia here as often as I want. This is her playground...all these wonderful beautiful magical places on the islands.
There is a lifeguard who sits under a tree and watches everyone and helps people get in and out. I want that job! It's kind of a long hike everyday to work though.
I guess that guy behind Dan was just freaking out about being under a waterfall. Dan said he was saying "I am under a waterfall. Who sits under a waterfall? I do! I have never seen a waterfall and now I am sitting under one. Incredible." That's awesome.
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Waimea Falls

We went hiking up at Waimea Falls the other day. It was awesome. I love it up there. It is across the street from Waimea Beach which is beautiful, as well. We were just starting out on the trail here... what is great is that we were given a map. Well Melia LOVES Dora and Dora uses a map so Melia was so excited to use hers.
It's funny b/c my sis, Mom, Mike and Nash went hiking here when they were here. They told me Mike slipped and fell right on top of Nash. So naturally I thought the trails were dirt and slippery and muddy. So we left the stroller in the truck but as you can see to the left of the picture the path is very paved. I learn from my mom he slipped on the first bridge b/c off the step but I was windering the whole way up to the falls where he could have slipped.
It was such a perfect clouds!
Melia had to wear a lifejacket to go in and I think that was the first time she ever had to wear one. She seemed a little annoyed at the bulkiness of it at first. Ok check out the lady in the hot blue suit getting out. I overheard her telling the lifeguard that the cool water helped her arthritic knees. She was saying how the hike up here was so hard on them and she was hoping going down would be better but she knew the cold soak by the falls would help. I was thinking why not skip the long hike to the cold water and run a cold bath to soak in?? I love people.
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And there he goes...

Melia and cute. They love each other so much. It doesn't seem that way, though, when Melia takes every single toy Troy can get his hands on and bops him on the head with toys but she gets more than happy to see him and same with him. Such a contrast these 2 are...
So Troy has officially started crawling. He did last week and now he just goes! He started 2 weeks before his sis did... He is 5 1/2 months! That is crazy! I think Melia is happy about this as she will smile at him and say Yay Baby! Finally he is good for something and doesn't just lie around the house all day...that has to be what she is thinking.
Ok Melia I get the dishes Mommy! I found her rinsing some dishes the other day...
I think she was trying to get a bottle ready...
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