Saturday, September 29, 2007

Naked crawler

The other day Dan came home from work just in time to get Melia ready for bed after her bath. She loves to crawl around naked after her bath. So Dan had to chase her down and attempt to put her diaper on her while she was crawling. As you can see he finally did and she was off to do more exploring!

Into everything...

Melia is into everything all day!! She ends up in my suitcase or folliwng me into the bathroom and she loves chasing Keesa around the place. She is so busy and so much fun!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Star Struck

Melia and her stars! While in Canada Melia learned how to pick up and put the finger food in her mouth and that is her fav thing to do now! It was funny watching her learn the first day. It looked like she was doing the hand jive or something. It was cute. But by day 2 she was getting them in her mouth. She is eating better now, too. I think she found her appetite and Nana and Granddad's house. I love watching her discover new things and watching her get so proud when she masters something!

Friday, September 21, 2007

sailling with dad

This last weekend I flew out to Victoria with Dad while we all were in canada. We went on a little sailing trip in Dave Red's little 26 foot sail boat. Sunday night we slept on the boat after we got there and expected to have a rainy day in store for us. To our surprise it was a nice clear day with a little wind. We went out for a sail and had an awesome time. I loved it. I hope that we can do this more oft and that we as an entire family can have more fun on the water either sailing, surfing, or swimming. I love the ocean and I miss it alot. Robyn and I have a dream to someday sail to the south pacific with our kids and maybe stay there... anyways here are some pics from Victoria...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

More zoo pics

A 2 headed 4 hump camel!!

Nice yawn, buddy!

Sleeping them.
This pic is for you, baby....he was so awesome. I wanted him to reach out and give me the double slap!
Here is Melia at the end of her zoo adventure....wiped out!!

Melia's first trip to the zoo

Getting ready for the chilly weather!
Melia and Mommy in front of the giraffes
Melia is wondering if he is actually alive
Taking some time to play with her toys
Melia wasn't the only baby there...a baby elephant is behind her


Melia and I have been in Canada now since Friday. We leave this Friday and Dan left today. We miss you!! We have had a ton of fun here. The weather has been awesome but it gets a little chilly so we had to get some warm clothes for my little Peanut. I LOVE the leopard print dress for church so I had to post some pics of that and a pic of her eating...yes she eats now!!

Friday, September 14, 2007


Last week-end Dad and I flew out to LA for the BYU game against UCLA in the Rose Bowl. We got there Friday night, rented a car and drove to Donnie and Janet in Irvine. We borrowed t-shirts and hats from Donnie. He gets a new t-shirt and hat each year for BYU. They are his lucky t-shirt and hat. We got to wear the last 2 years of lucky shirts. Saturday morning I cooked Dad breakfast consisting of 4 egg whites and a cup of oatmeal, no sugar, no butter, only 1 raspberry for flavor. He had no beverage. As he choked it down I enjoyed my 4 egg whites with oatmeal with honey, peanut butter and 6 raspberries mixed in. I drank it down with an iced cold glass of orange juice. Dad has been so strict with his diet that he has lost a ton of weight. We went for a jog before this feast. After a long talk with Donnie and Janet we drove up to Pasadena expecting to hit traffic so we left a couple of hours early but it was smooth sailing all the way. We found ourselves sitting in the parking lot 2 hours early amist a throng of UCLA fans tailgating. Dan, having lost so much weight, and so tiny was scared to get out of the car for fear of his life. We enjoyed the game. Unfortunately BYU lost. We had an awesome time. Thanks, Dad! After we finally got out of Pasadena we found a mexican dive near the airport and ruined a week of dieting. We left early the next morning. Hopefully next time we can leave the game with a victory. Good luck BYU. We will forever be your fans.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hey everyone! We finally have a computer again! Our laptop crashed earlier this week on Monday. We thought we lost all of our stuff....including all of Melia's pictures but we had someone come check it out and he was finally able to find our stuff. He was able to copy it all onto discs for us but our laptop is crashed. We would have to get a new harddrive plus get the laptop all set up again b/c there is nothing left on it. This happened to us in Italy and thankfully we were able to recover our stuff that time. Anyway just thought I would tell why I haven't been posting everyday like I normally do! Dan, Melia and I are going to Canada this Friday. Dan comes back Tues and Melia and I will stay a full week. I will post some pics tomorrow.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Cherries and Races

These were taken yesterday after lunch with our realtor, Jonathon...great guy by the way. Super nice and looks just like Kevin Spacey! I just loved her little cherry dress and cherry shoes! And those little legs! So Dan is in L.A. this week end with Dad. They are going to to the BYU/UCLA game. Melia and I went to the gym today. We signed up at Ballys a few weeks ago. It is super cheap. So Melia goes to the nursey there and yesterday she got attacked by a bully! He scratched her face. You can see 2 red lines on her head and face. I wanted to scratch him back! SO today went to the Gymboree...first time going. It was awesome! Melia had so much fun. THey have all these obstacles for the babies to go through, up and around! Melia was crawling through tunnels and going over tubes and she even won a baby crawling race!! We had a blast. It is so fun to watch her zoom around! I love seeing how proud she gets. Melia went to bed at 5:30 last night and again tonight. She slept until almost 8:30 this morning! She is not one to nap...1 nap of 45 min seems to do for her at this stage so she is out early evening! Well I just wanted to write about my week end so far. Hope everyone is having a good one, too!

Friday, September 07, 2007


Meet Keesa...our new little 8 week old kitty. Keesa means kitten in Russian by the way. She is a sweet little kitty who is a perfect mix of playfulness and sweetness. She sleeps all night curled up in between us and she loves to run around Melia slapping her feet as she goes by. Melia likes to crawl after her and pull her tail...not something Keesa likes. Keesa is smart and keeps her distance from the tail puller!

Monday, September 03, 2007

The Little Peanut

Here is Melia Crawling for all those non believers

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Hmmm...I need to get closer to you.
Hi Mom!
Bye Mom!

We've got a crawler!

Melia loves her big bug book and the remote so anytime I want her to practice her crawling I just have to put her book and remote down and she goes right for them!

Just chillin'

Here is Melia just chillin the other day after her doc appt. She was pretty sleepy I think at first then decided to take off and find other things to do!

Yesteryear as Robyn lay in the dark room at the back of the lair, she was visited by a small mythical creature named earl. She allowed him to slowly crawl his way into her deep dark crevice known as the "ear". It was not till later in the day that she realized this was no ordinary unicorn, this was an earwig. Once she realized this she freaked out and sent Earl flying from her ear onto the floor where she skillfully smashed it into two pieces. Now she lays next to me and suffers from post traumatic stress syndrome. I have tried to comfort her by rubbing her ears, but she wont let me near them. Its a sad time here in middle earth.
For your information,
The name earwig comes from Old English eare "ear" and wicga "insect". It is fancifully related to the notion that earwigs burrow into the brains of humans through the ear and therein lay their eggs.[2] This belief, however, is false. Nevertheless, being exploratory and omnivorous, earwigs probably do crawl into the human ear; even if they are only looking for a humid crevice in which to hide, such behavior provides a memorable basis for the name.[3]