Friday, May 15, 2009

Waimea Falls

We went hiking up at Waimea Falls the other day. It was awesome. I love it up there. It is across the street from Waimea Beach which is beautiful, as well. We were just starting out on the trail here... what is great is that we were given a map. Well Melia LOVES Dora and Dora uses a map so Melia was so excited to use hers.
It's funny b/c my sis, Mom, Mike and Nash went hiking here when they were here. They told me Mike slipped and fell right on top of Nash. So naturally I thought the trails were dirt and slippery and muddy. So we left the stroller in the truck but as you can see to the left of the picture the path is very paved. I learn from my mom he slipped on the first bridge b/c off the step but I was windering the whole way up to the falls where he could have slipped.
It was such a perfect clouds!
Melia had to wear a lifejacket to go in and I think that was the first time she ever had to wear one. She seemed a little annoyed at the bulkiness of it at first. Ok check out the lady in the hot blue suit getting out. I overheard her telling the lifeguard that the cool water helped her arthritic knees. She was saying how the hike up here was so hard on them and she was hoping going down would be better but she knew the cold soak by the falls would help. I was thinking why not skip the long hike to the cold water and run a cold bath to soak in?? I love people.
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Mike Karyn & Nash said...

so cool Melia went out there with Dan. I so wish she was here taking lessons with Uncle Mike and can you imagine Nash and Melia in the same class together??? Probably try to drown each other!!