Sunday, October 18, 2009


Nana sent some costumes for the kids and they are so cute. We dressed them up last weekend to see how they would look. Beauty.
I think it is safe to say Troy looks absolutely adorable. He didn't mind it at all. He crawled around as if he wasn't even wearing a monkey suit. Who can honestly say they could do the same?
Melia is all set for Halloween. Every morning she tells me "It's almost Halloween, Mommy!" Our neighborhood goes all out and everyone already has their decorations up. I am talking lights and pumpkins and inflatable things. It's awesome.
I am tired but wanted to get these up before Monday starts. Hope everyone had a good weekend. We did. :)
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Proud Momma said...

I love Melia' nice to wear a costume and not have to worry about dressing warmly underneath! ugh!

Grandma Frisby said...

Adorable costumes. . . Melia looks like a fairy princess; she'll be the "good" witch! So glad Troy doesn't mind the headcover . . .it is too cute, even the socks and roly-poly belly!! Have a great time trick or treating!!!

Tallie said...

Stop it now, that little Monkey you call Troy is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Dont you Just LOVE halloween!? I want to smother those to kids of yours with kisses. So cute!

Jeni said...

Cute costumes! He makes a cute monkey! I tried to get nat to be a witch but she wouldn't. she claims she is scared of witches... although her favorite thing to do is "tie" me up and cackle in her best witch voice and say "Ill get you my pretty hahaha"

Mike Karyn & Nash said...

So is Melia laughing, screaming or crying in that first picture?? I can't tell but she looks a lot like her mommy!!! Troy is freakin insanely adorable..I can't wait to kiss him and as Nash says, "mommy you give too many kisses" but I don't care!! wish our kids were trick or treating together..maybe next year??

Robyn Melia and Troy said...

She is laughing like a crazy nut-just like her mommy! ha ha