Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Local Life

Here is Robyn Before we went into church this last sunday at the sunshine coast in australia. She Is really white, dont confuse her pail skin with Dans Dark Tan...
Here is the Church we found to go to on the sunday... Not too many cars there, but it was full... We had to take the bus to get there, but we missed the stop and had to walk a few blocks in the 32 degree heat to get there. We got invited to Dinner by an overly enthusiastic family and after agreeing we ditched out early from sunday school so we could go home and sleep instead of having to go all over the place trying to find their house and answer their millions of questions.!!!
Meow!~!!!! This is Robyns impersonation of a cat sitting in "shoe" position... Dont you just want to slip her on one of your feet?
These are the two dogs we get to babysit all week. Gloria and Cocoa... they are part Jack Russel, Part Chihuahua, and part Benji... Fun to walk at night. We take them to the local elementary school and let them go wild!!!

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