Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Aloha everybody! We are in Hawaii...we have been here for a few weeks now and it is so awesome to be back. I am going to post pics of our neighborhood and house and beach and all that tomorrow but thought I would just put these up first. We went to San Diego for a week before heading out to Oahu and it was so much fun! Melia loved being at Grandma's. She was caught picking and eating grapes in the backyard in these pics. We went to the aquarium, awesome parks by the bay, Nash's house (they loved seeing each other!) Souplantation! Anyway...it was a lot of fun to be there.
Looks like she is picking the rose in this one!
Well our neighborhood is beautiful...nothing like our place in Pahoa for those of you who visited us there. I think you would love it way more here! We are right next to some awesome beautiful beaches. Melia and I go to the beach first thing every morning and sometimes back to another one in the afternoon! I will post pics of them tomorrow. Melia loves the water...she runs downt he beach and jumps right in the water!!
This is a sunset pic I got from the backyard the other night. They have been looking like this every night. I love being here. I feel at home now. I think Melia does too! Ok well I will write more tomorrow and post more!
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Brian, Jeni, Nat, and Stephen said...

melia looks so grownup in those pics!
I cant wait for more. I am so glad you are so happy out there!!

Proud Momma said...

Can't wait to see more pics! and I can't wait to visit you guys!!! I love Hawaii...you are so lucky!

Nana said...

Finally, your blog is up and running!! There is nothing like the sunsets in Hawaii!! Can't wait to see them again. And will be anxiously waiting for more pictures of your new place and neighborhood. Do you walk to the beach from your house?

Robyn & Melia & Dan & future son said...

we can't walk to the beach from here, there is a new neighborhood going up between us and the beach so the walk/road is all fenced off. but we can drive to another beach in only a few minutes...white sand and big waves.