Monday, April 21, 2008

Random pics

Here is Melia's fav place to sit lately while in the kithen. She will just walk up and open the door and take a seat. She, of course, is usually busy putting things in there and then taking them out. That day it was energy bars. Very busy little girl. I think she is feeling better but she did throw up twice today. I think her belly shrunk and she tried to eat a little too much for breakfast!
Not too much going on around here to report on. My b'day was yesterday and we had a fun family day. Dan and I went out Sat night for some yummy Italian food. Good thing we had trained for 5 hours that day so b/c we were total pigs! It was so good! It was nice to go out with Dan. We hadn't had a date in a long time. I want to thank everyone for all the birthday wishes, too! Thanks, sis, for the awesome flowers! They were such a surprise and really brightened up my day. Melia says Thanks for balloon Aunt Kiki!! Thanks Libby for the SWEET books! I have been looking through them everyday!! And Jeni you actually got it right!! And thanks to M2 for the special, awesome frame of ?? Wait I still am not srue what they called it there in Fiji? I better find that out! Thanks for the nice text Mom! I had some more b'day goodies by the front door today from friends from church. Really sweet. Well anyway it was fun and the best part about it was being with my family! Oh oops...Thanks Dan for the flowers and card and gifts!! Love you!!
Melia got to share in the b'day festivites. She loved the fruit part of the cake!!
My b'day cake! It was very yummy and I think Dan ate the whole thing later that night!!
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Nana said...

Yum, that cake looks decatant! Did you actually eat it? Robyn? Sounds like you had a fun day or two though. Cute pics of Melia, Busy, busy Melia! Love you !

Jeni, Brian & Natalie said...

that looks sooooooooooooooo yummy! happy bday, it sounds like you had a great one!

Mike Karyn & Nash said...

The cake looks so good. please tell me you ate some before dan finished it off? glad you had a fun day.

dan robyn & melia said...

YES!! Of course I had to have some of my own cake! It was so good!

Proud Momma said...

Why is the cake falling over?

The RC Miller Clan said...

yummm...gimme some of that cake will you?